Bucuresti sector

A reason to live

She caught sight of the gate as she gently paced down a narrowing lane that struck off to the right and tucked itself over the brook. The white paint was weathering, timbers had swollen and cracked along their long crossed lengths. The metal latch was rusting and had lurched apartamente de vanzare bucuresti to one side. She walked up to the gate like a stranger. Yet this was the closest thing that represented home.

When her mum and dad had left for work abroad, their furniture and personal items had gone into store until her grandparents had died and then during one long summer, everyone had returned back here and it had all been placed here safe and secure until retirement or vacation beckoned back to England. The spare apartamente de vanzare bucuresti key had been left with the Emmetts– they had known her mum from when she had been a child.

Months had passed. Grass was mowed and gardens tended under instruction and payment from abroad. Until now. Here she now stood leaning against the gate, her hands tucked over looking up at the house. It was such an ordinary looking apartamente de vanzare bucuresti house. Built on a small plot, sixty years ago from red brick. An ageing house, somewhat empty-looking.

She should have felt the glow of memories and the warmth of a return to a known place; instead she assumed a curious disquiet. Done. Finished. It was all done now. Was this it? Was this the end of the road? There was nothing more to be said, nothing more to say. Only questions, futile, endless questions from inside. She needed definition, words of steel, a path, a road to follow; yet she'd run out of space, it stopped at this gate.

Ahead of her was air, weightless and thin. She was floating, tangled and confused. The afternoon sunshine enveloped her, the warmth reminding her of another sun, another landscape, another environment. She could hear the voices of Kalindra singing, Felix equally snoring as tinkling on the piano and Luca. She felt the tingle, the pull dragging her to a place in her mind. Luca encompassed so apartamente de vanzare bucuresti much more than a name or a man; he had breathed life into her. Luca had saved her.

She didn’t often pull of the memories of Africa but that dazed moment of terrified fear when she had held a shard of glass to her veins and pulled, playing with her mortality, giving up on herself when she had made so many hard decisions was one such memory. Luca pleading, rationalising when she must have looked insane and he had spoken with such care giving her and to desist from the ultimate release. That was what she reminded herself of, she owed herself this moment so she stood at the portal of this very English of gardens, verging on wild and unkempt and dallied apartamente de vanzare bucuresti next to the gate.
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