Ecential Liz

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  • During the summer i work at the pool in the concession stand or as the cashier. During the school year i'm all about studying.
  • The job i would like to have would be a teacher for early childhood children.
  • For a vehicle i would like to have would be a black Tahoe.
  • If i could provide a service it would be babysitting or housekeeping.
  • The only valuable i would not sell would be my necklaces that i wear all the time they have sentimental value.

Feature Story

  • During this holiday break i mainly stayed home. I hung out various days with my best friend and her step daughter. I also hung out with my best little cousin.
  • Once i am older i would like to get a teaching job. I would like to have my own place like perhaps buy a house. Then later on in my life i would like my own family.
  • One of my main goals is to not struggle. There are struggles in life but i don't want to struggle so much on one thing. I want to have a solution once i get have the situation.

Society Page

  • When i was younger i moved many times all i remember is moving every school year. In elementary school i was really mean to my best guy friend.
  • In my whole family i have 3 older sisters, 2 younger sisters, and 4 younger brothers. My family is really big. My friends well i can also consider them my sisters their always there for me
  • A special event that happened in my life was when i did my
    Quinceanera. Many people were there for me, that supported me and loved me.
  • In my life many things have impacted me but i would have to say would be when my god mother died it made a huge impact on my life and now i know who i am and what i want to do this was 2 years ago.