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Eastlake Middle School 7.27.18


Notice the new name!? I want to make our news more about us. Thank you for an amazing first week. You rocked the school. I spoke with many parents and community members about how impressed they were with orientation and the overall spirit and culture of the school. Many parents said seeing many of us in front of the school was inspiring to them. The WEB kids are just amazing. Keep up the great work. Lot's going on this week. We are going to add several elements to our weekly update, so make sure you check it out every Monday morning!

1. Visitors! We have students visiting from China as part of the EduAbroad experience. It's going to be a great two weeks of learning and making new friendships. If you need extra chairs, please let us know immediately. Our WEB Leaders will arrive in class with their partners at about 9:00 or earlier. Thank you for your support!

B. ID and Photos. Don't forget to take your pictures. Dress to impress ;-). See you at the pavilion on your prep or a break this Monday or Tuesday.

C. Triton Traits. We will start our official kick-off next week, but in the meantime, the morning message will be about kindness.

D. Expectations Assembly. This past week we talked with students about the Triton Way via an Expectations Assembly. We covered key points from the Parent and Student Handbook. Remind students about our Triton Traits and expectations. I want to work with the admin team and teacher leadership to create a new referral system that incorporates our Triton Traits. Rise Up starts next week. More on this later...

E. Balance. We are almost done with balancing as we have added new classes. We will be notifying any teacher regarding changes that may affect them.

F. Open House. August 9th! Early release for teachers on the 10th!

G. Budget. Make sure you meet with your PLC and start considering ordering items from the Eastlake Education Foundation. Here is the GRANT LINK. Here are the GRANT REQUIREMENTS. Please talk with your department. You can add leadership and capacity building opportunities with this grant. I met with your department chairs and they are aware of the expectations. Consider planning for the EduAbroad funds as well.

H. Transparency. Here is the LINK for stipends, teacher leadership and other items. It's important that we have a system of equity.

H. Follow us on Twitter @EastLakeTritons! Please... join the twitterverse so we can send our message out to our community.

I. Hyperdoc Link. Make sure you have this LINK bookmarked. Many of your questions or the resources you are seeking can be found here. We will keep adding to it.

As always, Go Tritons!

A Word from the ASB and Derrick Almero

Happy 2nd Week Triton Staff! I hope the beginning of the year is treating everyone well! Although summer break is over, it was great coming back to campus seeing our students and so many of you on campus! Going by Week 1, I can tell this is going to be such an awesome year!!!

FYI, we have 35 absolutely wonderful ASB students this year, in both 7th and 8th grade. I know this is a very big goal, but I am encouraging my entire ASB crew, and tasking my 4 ASB officers specifically, with going around campus and introducing themselves to all of you. It will take some time for them to get around, but they are such great students and I would absolutely love for you to get to know them, as well as have them familiar with all of you. They know manners and kindness are absolutely everything to me, so please let me know if they are ever not the best examples of those traits.

If you are ever free, please come down and visit us in the ASB room! We love visitors!!!

Lastly, below is the Week At A Glance. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

~ Almero

· July 30 – EduAbroad Visit Start (10 day visit from 44 delegates from China & Japan)

· July 30-31 – Fall Pictures During PE Classes

· July 30-31 – PE Locks pickup during PE classes

· July 30-31 – iPad distribution during 7th & 8th grade science classes

· August 1 – iPad Distribution Make-up & Spanish/Filipino Book pick-up

· August 1-2 – PE Clothes/Spirit Gear Pick-up during PE Classes

Down the Road ….

· August 8 – All students dress for PE

· August 9 – Open House (schedule TBD)

· August 14 – Coffee w/ Dr. Cooke (8:30am in Library)

· August 16 – DLI Parent Night (6pm in Pavilion)

A Word from the Assistant Principals

Great start to the year. Thank you for welcoming us to the Triton family. Please remember we will be conducting safety drill August 8 & 9. The schedule is:

Wednesday, 8/8

1st -- Lockdown (15 Mins)

2nd -- Secured Campus (5 mins)

3rd -- Earthquake (5 mins)

Thursday, 8/9

4th -- Fire Drill (15 mins)

Nutrition Break -- Lockdown (5 mins)

5th -- Clear Room (Buddy A is clearing and B is supporting) (5 mins)

6th -- Clear Room (Buddy B is clearing the room and A is supporting) (5 mins)

* Each of the drills will take place at the very beginning of each period.

In the meantime, please make sure your department is preparing to take the mandatory online training (there are two of them). Here is the LINK.

We completed several risk assessments last week on students who are depressed. We know that you do not know all our students well yet but please let us know if you notice any drastic changes in behavior or mood.

We will be starting 504 meetings very soon. You should have received copies of your students 504's last week. Please make sure you have reviewed them and are implementing the accommodations for students. Also, please try and be patient with us as we start 504 meetings. We will need to call you out of classes at various times as general education teachers are required team members for 504 meetings. We will get you the schedule of meetings as soon as it is finalized.

Purple Pride!

WEB Crew 7th Grade Orientation

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Spirit Tunnel!

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US History Gallery Walk

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Math and Battleship! Making Connections!

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Mission Statement

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Core Beliefs

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PTSO - We need your help!

Our Major Fundraising Campaign... Coming next month!

The PTSO will be sponsoring a membership drive through each TSP class in early August. The goal is to raise $20,000. Please make sure you encourage your TSP classes. Major prizes to be won! This money will go into your department budget as well as for culture and climate initiatives. Please join as well and spread the word!!
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