Cross Country Skiing

Paige Wolf


The cross country skiing sprinters have been announced in the men's and women's categories. There aren't any finalists from the USA in the men's sprint , but for the women, Sophie Caldwell is the sixth finalist. Her time was 2:47.75 for a 6.1 kilometer sprint.

Most Succesful Athletic

The most successful athletic is a man from Norway named Bjorn Deetlie. He won three medals 1924, two in 1944 and three in 1988

Cross Country Skiing Sprints

Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 9pm

Sochi, Russia

Cross Country Skiing will be taking place in the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi Russia this year. There has been some sort of cross country skiing since the first Winter Olympics. There were two men's race in 1924, but not until the 1952 Winter Olympics was there cross country for women.