The Gulf War Oil Spill

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The world had many dangerous oil spills. The deadliest was the Gulf War Oil Spill in 1991 after the Persian War. The scale of the spill was close to 8 million barrels of oil. Let's find more about this dangerous oil spill.

Where and when did the oil spill take place?

The Gulf War oil spill took place in the Persian Gulf after the Iraqi troops withdrew from Kuwait. They ran away because of their defeat at the hands of the Americans who had come to help Kuwait.

How is it so Deadly?

In history, this was the most deadliest oil spill ever and it caused a major problem for Kuwait. The weight of this was 1, 360, 000 to 1, 500, 000 tons! The oil slick reached a maximum size of 101 miles and it was 5 inches thick! When the Iraqi troops withdrew, they set fire to almost 600 wells and pools of oil! Kuwait earns money when they export oil to the world and if they didn't have any oil, they would not earn money. This would make them a poor country.

Who did it and Why?

The Iraqi troops did this to basically take revenge. Since oil was a major source of income for Kuwait, the Iraqi troops wanted to ensure that by burning the oil wells and pools, that Kuwait will suffer.


The world has many dangerous oil spills, but the Gulf War spill was the most deadliest oil spill in history. The scale was a huge number close to 8 million barrels of oil. Therefore this oil spill was the most deadliest and dangerous oil spill in history!