Vocabulary Menu- Smore

By: Janice Mei


(noun) a substance that kills germs
(adjective) free from germs

Clara is antiseptic; she brings hand sanitizer everywhere with her.


1. paying attention

2. considerate of the needs of others; thoughtful

Laurie was attentive during class and heard everything the teacher said.


to confuse completely

Alan's essay befuddled his teacher because of his terrible grammar.


anything common, uninteresting, or taken for granted

The class was so commonplace and dull that Marcus fell asleep during class.


an interruption of the orderly course of something; a disturbance; a breakdown

The noisy and sudden disruption shocked Lia and she dropped everything in her hand.


highly colorful, flashy, or dashing

Cerise's flamboyant yellow dress caught the attention of everyone in the room.


1. not capable of error; never wrong
2. dependable; without failure; certain

Niko was infallible that he got all the answers correct on the quiz.


a short trip, especially one taken for pleasure

The jaunt or short trip allowed me to take a break from school.


loaded; weighed down

She was laden or weighed down with 10 baskets of apples in her arms.


(noun) something that strongly attracts or tempts

(verb) to attract; to tempt

My mother lured me to the dinner table with the aroma of the food.


(noun) a line of people, vehicles, and so on
(verb) to form, stand, or wait in a line (often used with up)

I stood in the queue or line to get my copy of The Hunger Games signed by Suzanne Collins.


1. to come or bring back to consciousness or life
2. to give or show new life, strength, or freshness

Kira was revived when Dr. Smith did CPR on her.


having or showing no shame, moral goodness, or sense of what is proper

Suzy was shameless or blatant when taking an embarrassing selfie in public.


(noun) a false statement that is damaging to another person's reputation
(verb) to use or spread slander

The bullies spread slanders or rumors about Franklin around the school.


1. good for one's physical or mental health; healthful
2. of value to the mind or character; worthwhile

Putting green vegetables on your plate is wholesome and healthy for you.