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Newsletter - Thursday 7th May

Message from Mr Foley

Dear Parents and Children,

VE Day celebrations may form part of your bank holiday activities and you are welcome to send in any pictures of the at-home street parties that a number of the children have been telling me are planned. It seems that flags and bunting will festoon kitchens, ‘classrooms’ and gardens too and I can think of no better way of lifting spirits further – well apart from the obligatory tea and cake, that is. Please forward your pictures to our OneDrive folder via the same link as in the Showcase feature below.

The work keeps flooding in and the quality produced by the children speaks volumes about their appetite for the lessons they are evidently enjoying. Year 5’s work on river courses resulted in some amazing working models that showed very clearly how rivers make their journey from the mountains to the sea. Along the way, some key geographical features were identified, including oxbow lakes, waterfalls and deltas. I’ve enjoyed some Cosmic Yoga from Reception children and Year 3 pupils are ‘Badge Busting’ superstars! I am so impressed by how hard the children are working – well done!

Helping Hands has been a timetable staple and today’s gallery celebrates all that is being done by the children to keep domestic life running smoothly. It is evident that there have been many new skills developed over the past few weeks and I hope that the chores have been wrestled from parental control and handed solely to the children - I am sure that is the case.

Next week the focus is on 'Get Active' – all contributions welcome!

Seesaw remains the route to communicate with staff regarding all curriculum matters and it is good to see the children taking the lead in asking questions, clarifying their thoughts and generally keeping in touch with teachers. The pre-Easter staff emails are no longer operational so please contact the school via prep@ for other matters e.g. notifying the school of absence or that your child is unwell.

My sincere thanks to you all for your unflagging support and cooperation.

I wish you a very restful, long weekend.

Headmaster’s Awards for outstanding independent work:

Pollyanna B

James H

Harry H

Claudia M

Zinzi N

William Z

Virtual Kimbolton - Lockdown Showcase

Thank you to everyone who contributed lockdown photos and clips last week. Here's our compilation video.
Kimbolton Prep School: We Are All in This Together

This week, we asked to see what your children have been undertaking during 'Helping Hands' and the answer is... a whole variety of tasks. Here's a preview of some of the images submitted so far...

Next week's theme is 'Get Active'. Please send us images before Thursday evening of what your children are doing to help you during this timetabled period. If possible, please send them via this link so that we also have some background information. Short (maximum 10 seconds) video clips are also welcome.

A NHS Rainbow

Thank you to Henry C for this lovely - and unusual - NHS rainbow.
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Back at School...

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There may be fewer children around to enjoy it, but Mr Scott's cooking is as tasty as ever - as Orla (Reception) was happy to testify!

With the children away, we had thought that Squirrel Wood had fallen silent during the day... until some new occupants were spotted by one of our neighbours in Castle Gardens! (photo credit: Mrs Louise Page)
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