You've Sponsored...

Now What?

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You've Sponsored...Now What?

CONGRATULATIONS on sharing your #sdjoy and bringing along a friend (2 or 3) recently! Not only are you helping someone get started with their Stella & Dot business FUN, but it's also so enriching and rewarding!

This email is to help coach YOU to coach your new team. That's right...your team!! You are now a leader with Stella & Dot, and although that might sound a bit scary at first, it's actually very easy and a TON of fun!!

The best leadership tip that I can give you is...1) work your personal business, then 2) share what you are doing with your team.

OH - and did you know it's also lucrative for you AND for her/him? A new Stylist can earn $800 in Product Credits for sponsoring & promoting to Associate Stylist. When you coach her to Associate Stylist under the new Compensation plan, you can receive an unlimited Builder Bonus! Earn $100 USD ($120 CAD) cash bonus each month a new Stylist in your first line achieves Associate Stylist or above Pay Rank in their first year, provided you also achieve Associate Stylist or above Pay Rank.

NOW - let's make sure your new Stylist is ready to ROCK!

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Your #1 job as a coach is to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT! Resist the urge to share information that is already at your new stylist's fingertips, but instead to help them focus on the most important aspects of their business right from the start!


1. Add her to our community Facebook pages so she feels connected!

(Optional pages to add her to as needed: Stella & Dot Favorite Images, Online Stella & Dot Trunk Shows, Virtual Style Session Boot Camp)

2. Plan a 1:1 training in person or via Zoom or on the phone within the first 24-48 hours of their sign-up. Go over the checklist below - use this as your training bible! If you help your new Stylist check off every item on this list, she will be set up for success!

3. Encourage her to join the Home Office Welcome Webinar every Monday at 9:30 AM PST/11:30 AM CT/12:30 PM EST AND our NEW STYLIST TRAINING which will take place every Monday at 5 PM PST/7 PM CT/8 PM EST. All info is on the FB event on the Glowing Stones page. Click HERE to access!

4. Bring him/her to a Style Session or online Style Session with you to observe. This is truly the best way to learn! Not local to your new Stylist? Use our community FB pages to find someone who is!

5. Get on Marco Polo with them! This app is a game-changer - allows you to coach face to face without having to set up a time to talk. If you've sponsored more than one Stylist recently, put them in a group Marco Polo together. It helps build community right off the bat! You should be checking in with your new Stylist on a weekly basis (at a minimum) during her first 60 days!

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Print the New Stylist Checklist HERE!

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Looking for more resources to help?

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Please know that I am here to help you any way that I can!

Keep your momentum going! Who else can you share this opportunity with? Use this energy to your advantage to grow your team, which will grow your income and set up up for an AH-MAZING long-term business!

And remember - you GOT this! You know more than you think you know, and at the end of the day your #1 job as a sponsor is to be your new Stylist's #1 CHEERLEADER! Encourage her, cheer her on, make her BELIEVE that anything is possible (because it IS)! I'm grateful for each of you, and super proud of your hard workt. It will propel your business to new heights!

XO, Krista

Krista Demcher - proud leader of Team Glowing Stones