Identity the problem

in 2013-2014 NISC will be offering DT as an MYP subject and they need a DT lab built fast... because the do not currently have one.

Desgin breif

Your have the task to design the new Design Technology lab using SKETCHUP.

End user and Target Audience

All MYP students will be using the DT Lab and my DT Lab design will be presented to The Apsara Architecture Company, The Dub-Step Construction Company and Super-Strong Tool Suppliers.

Testing Methools

The people can test this products, and write some comments.

And there are three people to test my products.

Design Specifications

The product must have:

  • precise, correct and accurate room dimensions based on the existing building structures
  • four emergency exits
  • two main entry points
  • very good ventilation
  • maximum natural light
  • ability to function in the event of a power failure
  • place for washing hands
  • emergency shower
  • eye washing
  • two first aid stations
  • 1 firehouse and 2 fire extinguishers
  • a place for students to store bags, personal items and project that they are working on
  • truck loading bay
  • a display area
  • space for 25 students
  • tools/machinery and materials for for class tasks that include (a) furniture making (wood) (b) toys for kids (wood) (c) producing a letterbox (sheet metal) and (d) key fob making (acrylic)
  • storage place for wood, metal, paint and acrylic
  • tool storage
  • safety equipment and safety equipment storage

Research and skill

Laboratory Design & Planning

Preparation and planning are key to the success of any project. At Klick we take a great deal of care to ensure we interpret our clients' aspirations correctly. We balance these with our knowledge to deliver the highest quality projects, on time and on budget.

With 30 years experience in the education sector our designers are fully conversant with the latest teaching and working standards and DCSF recommendations.

Following an initial meeting with one of our consultants our aim will be to provide you quickly with a set of proposals outlining our initial thoughts and ideas.

Having recently invested in the latest AUTOCAD Inventor software, we are able to offer our clients the benefit of both 2D and 3D room layouts showing our ideas. We are also able to provide fully rendered photo realistic quality 3D plans of the room layouts showing colours and finishes of furniture, together with floor covering ideas and detail of decoration and lighting.

These services are provided free of charge as part of the sales process which our consultants will explain during your initial meeting.

Our designers can advise on the latest fittings and range of materials suitable for your project. They are also very experienced in designing bespoke educational furniture solutions and welcome any ideas that will help to raise the bar in providing inspirational learning environments.

Food Technology Room Design

Food Technology facilities need to allow students the flexibility to analyse, prepare and cook food as well as study theoretical topics such as diet, nutrition and the role of the food industry. Our experienced design team can advise on layouts to accommodate both these practical and theory based lessons.

Science Laboratory Design

Interactive teaching, practical work, discussion and research are all important parts of the curriculum and these factors need to be taken into account when designing a room. To accommodate all this Klick offer several different systems to allow a choice of layout styles that reflect individual teaching methods.

Klick Technology are also experienced in the design of ICT suites, libraries and art/technology rooms.


Research:Classroom Technology

There are various types of classrooms available at Michigan State University. The Office of Planning and Budgets provides a picture of each instructional space online.

Most traditional classrooms on campus, regardless of size, are equipped with a technology cart and at least one projector.

IT Services provides media consultation, design, integration, and installation of audiovisual (A/V) technologies for classroom and other meeting, teaching, and recreational facilities on campus.

Additionally, IT Services also offers equipment installation, maintenance, repair services, and technical support to keep campus classrooms and university spaces in working order.

Active Learning Classrooms

MSU offers several types of active learning classroom configurations with varying technical capabilities.

Classrooms with basic technical capabilities either have moveable (wheeled) chairs or have tables and chairs. The classrooms with wheeled chairs offer a class layout that can be rearranged within minutes depending on class needs. The classrooms with tables and chairs are broken up for group work as needed. A technology cart and at least one projector are installed in these rooms.

Intermediate Technical Capabilities

MSU currently has two small classrooms with intermediate technical capabilities: C131 Holden and 175 Brody, and one large classroom with intermediate capabilities, 1200 PSS.

The room in Holden had six oval tables with seating for eight students at each table. There is power and video at each table. Three screens and projectors display content form the instructor's technology cart. The instructor can also select, via the Crestron Touch-Panel System, which student table's content should be displayed for the class.

The room in Brody has a capacity of 40 students and similar technical capabilities as C131 Holden. One difference is the that 175 Brody has movable tables and chairs that can be arranged into "pods" of four to eight students or into a "U-Shape" or basically any layout that would best accomplish the instructor's leaning objectives. Power and video access is provided via floor panels.

The auditorium style lecture room 1200 PSS seats about 200 students and is designed to allow active learning exercises. The room is tiered and each tier has two rows of tables and chairs to allow students in the front row to turn around and work in groups with students in the back row of the same tier.

Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning (REAL)

Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning (REAL) classroom spaces feature an instructor station, four flat panel displays around the room, dual flat panel displays at each table, and whiteboards around the room for each table. These rooms have 10 semi-circular tables and can accommodate 60 students.

MSU completed construction on two REAL classroom spaces in McDonel Hall (rooms 2 and 38) at the end of 2012. These McDonel rooms were first used during the 2013 Spring Semester.

In addition, N124 BCC is based on the REAL concept. This rooms differs from the McDonel rooms in that there are no tables; rather there are wheeled chairs. The room has whiteboards on all the walls and there are nine pedestals that provide power and video connections for student groups. Each pedestal is also associated with a flat panel display and there are two projectors for use with the technology cart.