Daily Math Warm Up

Facts of the Day



11 + 6=

Vocabulary Review

Shape of the Week

What is the name of this shape?

How many sides does it have?

How many vertices does it have?

Let's count by 2's!

Count to ______ by twos starting at 0.

Pattern of the Day

12, 14, 16, _____

Are the numbers getting bigger or smaller?

How much are the numbers changing?

The rule for this pattern is______________________.

The missing number is ________.

Number of the Week

Big image
Write the number in standard form

Graph of the Week

Big image
What do the words in the left column tell you?

What do the tallies in the right column represent?

Problem of the Week

Glue the word problem in your math journal.

C.U.B.E. the problem.