Mrs. Schettone's News

December 7th-11th!

Star Sailor Liah!

We had a great time learning about Liah this week! We learned the following things:

  • On Monday, Liah shared her All About Me Poster and we learned that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up and here favorite places are New York City and the beach!
  • On Tuesday, Liah shared her favorite book, "Danny and the Dinosaur."
  • On Wednesday, Liah shared her favorite song, "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon!
  • On Thursday, Liah shared her favorite snack, cupcakes!
  • On Friday, we made a book for Liah!

We loved learning about you this week!

Polar Express Night!

Thank you to all the families that came out to celebrate Polar Express Night! It was a fun night filled with PJS, Pizza, Winter Crafts, Snacks, and Chester Claus! We wish you all Happy Holidays!

What did we learn about this week??

In Language Arts....

  • We learned about the Letter Y! We learned its sound and formation! We read "My Y Book" and "The Yak that Yelled Yuck!" We added Y words to our big Yo Yo! Students practiced writing the letter Y in their handwriting books, on their exploratory Y Sheet, and on their portfolio writing!
  • We learned about the Letter Z! We learned its sound and formation! We read "My Z Book" and "Zack the Lazy Zebra!" We added Z words to our big Zucchini! Students practiced writing the letter Z in their handwriting books, on their exploratory Z sheet, and on their portfolio writing!
  • We learned about the concept of Realism vs. Fantasy! We started our week by reading our concept book, "In the Garden", and learning about real plants and objects that live in a garden! Students completed a web of four items that are found in a garden! After illustrating four items, students wrote sentences identifying each object that is found in a garden! This lesson focused on Realism!
  • We read our big book "Jack and the Beanstalk" and learned about our new amazing words! Students then completed a writing and illustration expressing what they would want to find if they climbed up a beanstalk! This lesson focused on Fantasy! Please be sure to check out the writings as they are hanging in our classroom!
  • We had Reading Groups and Literacy centers!

In Math...

  • Learned how to decompose numbers 4 and 5! We completed a shake and spill for numbers 4 and 5 as well to show the different ways we can make both numbers!
  • Learned how to compose and decompose numbers 6 and 7! We completed a shake and spill for numbers 6 and 7 as well to show the different ways we can make both numbers!
  • We completed a problem solving lesson identifying ways to make numbers 4-7!
  • We completed a 100 grid mystery puzzle to see what picture would show up when we were done! The mystery picture was.....THE GRINCH!

In Social Studies/Science...

  • We learned about Weather! We learned about the different types of weather and the different types of tools that a meteorologist uses to measure the weather!
  • We learned about different types of clouds and read "The Cloud Book" and "It looked like Spilt Milk." Afterwards, students created their own cloud out of cottonballs and completed the writing "It looked like a ____________, but it wasn't a ___________________. It was just a cloud in the sky!" This writing was added to their portfolio!
  • We learned about rain by reading "Down Comes the Rain" and "Rain." We then watched a brainpop video on the Water Cycle! Students then drew a diagram of the Water Cycle in their journals.
  • We completed two experiments! We made a cloud in a bottle using warm water, a water bottle, and a match! We filled the bottle 2/3 of the way up with warm water and then we lit and dropped a match inside the bottle. When we took the lid off, a cloud was released from the bottle! This showed how a change in temperature and air pressure creates a cloud! Our second experiment focused on the saturation of a cloud. We took a clear cup and filled it with water. We then covered it with shaving cream. The water represented the air and the shaving cream represented a cloud. I then created holes in the shaving cream to represent what happens when a cloud gets too heavy of water droplets. I then released blue food coloring through the holes that seeped into the water to presented the water droplets leaving the cloud and falling into the air. Students then wrote about the experiment in their journals!

In Tech...

  • Students focused on Coding for Computer Week! Students worked on the app "Kodable" and had a blast coding! Feel free to download at home and code! Check out our video of us coding with our 4th Grade Friends!

Check Out Our New Boards!

Big image
  • Review of Letters A-Z
  • Review of all Sight Words
  • UNIT 2 Reading Street Test on Monday!
  • Gingerbread Week! We will be reading a variety of Gingerbread stories this week and we will be completing several writing projects!
  • We will continue composing and decomposing Numbers to 10!
  • We will be learning about Holiday Traditions in Social Studies!
  • Our Star Sailor will be James!
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  • We will be having our Holiday Sweater Spirit Day on Friday, December 18th!
  • We will be having our Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 22nd at 6:30pm! All Students will be due back at 6:00pm that night!
  • We will be having our School Wide PJ DAY and Cookie Decorating Party on Wednesday, December 23rd! If you would like to donate an item, please click on this link! Donations may be brought in on December 22nd!
  • We will be having our class book exchange on Wednesday, December 23rd! Please remember that all books must not go over $5, it must be wrapped, and have a tag with your child's name on it! If you would like to send it in prior to Wednesday, please feel free! I already have a small collection!