Camden County High School

Weekly Update-Volume VII Issue 37

Summary Evaluations

Please review your summary evaluation and schedule a time with me to sign off.

Bruin Success

To allow time to review for exams, all students will report to their respective classes for Bruin Success. There will be no break. Remind students that they should eat breakfast before school.

Graduation Cards

Staff members may stop by my office as soon as possible to sign up to write congratulations cards for graduation. Each teacher should sign up to write two or three cards. Thanks for your help with this.

Online Testing Tutorial

If you teach a course with an EOC or an NC Final Exam please complete the online tutorial with your students as soon as possible.

End of Year Activities

I have added the CCHS end of year activities calendar to the Staff Canvas Page.

Field Trips and Assemblies

To protect instructional time during the final weeks of school, the School Improvement Team discussed the possibly of using Friday, May 5 as a cut-off date for field trips, assemblies, and other events that will pull large numbers of students out of class. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.

Learning Walks

If you have not completed your Learning Walks, this should be done as soon as possible.

Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook can be found in staff Canvas this year. Please review this before the start of school. Special thanks to Mrs. Karen McPherson who worked very hard this summer to create videos and step by step instructions for Educator's Handbook, Aesop, Travel Tracker, etc... All of this information (and more) can be found on the Staff Canvas page.

Duty for the Week

First Lunch- Simmons/Berkoben

Second Lunch- McPherson/Barclift


  • Lobby-J. Sawyer
  • Front Parking Lot- Swindell
  • Lobby- Williams
  • Front Parking Lot- S. Sawyer
  • Back Parking Lot- McPherson

What's Happening This Week:

May 22, 2017

Senior Awards Banquet-6:30

May 23, 2017

Berry Out-AM

Underclassmen Awards-6:30

May 24, 2017

FFA Banquet-6:30

May 25, 2017

Athletic Awards-5:30

May 26, 2017

What's Happening Next Week:

May 29, 2017

Holiday-Memorial Day

May 30, 2017

May 31, 2017

Graduation Practice-3:30

June 1, 2017

June 2, 2017

June 4, 2017


Camden County High School


We believe that Camden County High School students have opportunities to graduate from a rigorous, relevant academic program so they will succeed in post-secondary education, 21st century careers, and as productive citizens while fostering meaningful relationships.


  • All students who desire can learn.
  • Camden County High School has high expectations for all students, teachers, staff and administrators.
  • The staff will work consistently as a team to guide students to achieve their highest potential.
  • Students, parents, and staff share responsibility for student learning.

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