The Ruler

By Nick Hartwell, Megan Coffren, and Brenda Cartagena

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The god Zeus is defined as the ruler archetype because he is the King of the gods and his job is not just to obtain balance in the godly world but the mortal world as well. He leads his fellow gods to create structure to their world but, also inspire the mortals to live happy and holy lives.

Defintion of The Ruler

An authority figure who is fully committed to keep order and prevent chaos in their society.

Order is Key and Chaos is the Enemy!

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Famous Speeches: Aragorn at the Black Gate
King Aragorn, a character from the Lord of the Rings series, joined Frido on his quest to find and destroy the ring, thus forming the Fellowship of the Ring. In this scene, Aragon fits the Ruler archetype because the Battle of Black Gate was battle everyone knew they were going to lose but Aragon is able to convince his men to fight anyway so, Frido would retrive the ring and destroy it so their society will have order once again.
Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD)
William Wallace fits as the ruler archetype because in this scene is trying to convince his fellow Scotsmen to fight against the English so they will gain their freedom. He is explaining that if they fight they may die but by taking that chance, they will create order to their society and allow future generations to be free.
The background for our flyer is able to show the defintion of the Ruler because during rush hour or any time during the day, traffic signs keep pedestrians and drivers and decreases the amount of accidents. Like the Ruler, they make society effective so people can live happy and healthy lives. Could you image driving down the Belt Way in rush hour without any pedestrian walkways or traffic signs? Hundreds would die every day and no on would be safe.