periodic table

alkali earth metals

Alkali Earth Metals

Be- beryllium

Mg- magnesium

Ca- calcium

Sc- scandium

Ba- barium

Ra- radium

information section

1. The group is placed on this position on the periodic table because of the elements atomic mass and their amount of electrons.

2. There are 2 valence electrons in alkali earth metals.

3. Alkali Earth Metals react with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, halogens, and water

4. The group has very high melting points, and oxides that have a basic alkaline solutions.

5. Batteries, fireworks, and lighbulbs are everyday examples of the metals.

6. The melting point and boiling point for each element in the group

Be = 1286.85C 2468.85C

Mg = 649.85C 1089.85C

Ca = 841.85C 1483.85C

Sr = 1381.85C 1381.85C

Ba = 726.85C 1896.85C

Ra = 699.85C 1736.85C


safety concerns

The element lithium is very corrosive. This makes it hard to contain. If the element gets out of its container and into the earth, this can be harmful to the earth because it will corrode most things. Another thing is that if lithium touches water, it will explode. It can erode your skin.

strontium is found in contaminated food and water. It is radioactive and can cause lung cancer. If is it to get into the air, It will get into waste and disposal.

Elements History

Strontium (Sr)-

discovered by- William Cruickshank

discovered- 1787

how it was discovered-

where it was discovered- in the ores taken from the lead mines

Barium (Ba)

discovered by- Carl Wilhelm Scheele

discovered- 1772

how it was discovered-

where it was discovered- Bologna, Italy

radium (Ra)-

who discovered it- Pierre Curie and Marie Curie

when it was discovered- 1898

how it was discovered-

where it was discovered- in a uraninite sample

Beryllium (Be)-

discovered by- Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin

discovered- 1798

how it was discovered-

it was an unknown element on emerald and beryl, and they were able to isolate.

where it was discovered- france

Magnesium (Mg)-

discovered by- Sir Humphry Davy

discovered- 1808

how it was discovered-

it was isolated through the electrolysis of a mixture of magnesium oxide and mercuric oxide.

where it was discovered- United Kingdom


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