Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 4 Summer Term 25th - 29th April 2016

Dates For Your Diary

May 2nd - Labor Day/National Holiday (school is closed)

May 5th - Exit Point to Underwater World

May 12th- Mufti Day (Free Dress)
May 13th - Founder's Day: 1/2 day for students

May 18th - Prep Prom Prep 2 @ 1pm

May 20th - Family Picnic and Movie Night

May 26th- Prep 2 Sports Day

June 8th - Prep 2 Swim Gala

June 14th - Optional PTC
June 17th - Last day of Summer Term; holidays begin


The Early Years Chinese Readers Workshop was held on 13th April to launch the Chinese Readers Programme. A big thank you for the parents who attended the session. It is gratifying to know that you are together with us on this journey. For parents who were not able to attend, this is the information that was shared:

What are the objectives of the programme?

- To help children experience reading Chinese books, and developing positive habits and attitudes towards them

- To provide an opportunity for children to reinforce learning at home

- To provide an opportunity for parents to be involved in your child’s learning

How is the programme implemented?

- Readers are unit-based

- 1 or 2 readers assigned per unit of work

- Reader is sent home on a Friday, to be returned the following Friday

- Chinese Readers card sent home together with reader to parents

- Chinese Curriculum Newsletter to have information about the title to be read.

- Access the information using your child's eSchools account. Under the tab "Me", choose "My Groups", then "Chinese Curriculum Newsletter." The audio file for the the reader is available under “ Prep 1 Chinese Reader", "Prep 2 Chinese Reader"or “Grade 1 Chinese Reader”

How can I suport my child?

- Ask your child what he/she has been learning in school during Chinese

- Look at the pictures in the book and talk about the pictures or ask questions about the pictures, for example, if there is a picture of tennis, ask your child how to say “tennis” in Chinese. To get an idea of the content of the reader, read the translation which is usually found inside the front cover or at the very back of the reader.

- Encourage your child to read to you. Your child would have read the book in class together with the Chinese teacher.

- If your child is hestitant with the reading, please refer to the audio file for the reader on eSchools. Listen and follow the story together.

- Engagement with the text can range from: listening/following/repeating what is heard, to, reading some or all of the words. Praise your child’s effort at whichever stage they are at with their Chinese readings skills as we are developing their awareness and skills of reading Chinese books.

- Alternatively, your child can ask the Teaching Partner or the Chinese teacher for help.

Make this a positive experience for our children. We want them to have a sense of success. Be generous with your praises for their efforts.


This week, the children have been investigating Saltwater and Freshwater habitats to find the difference between these two environments and how water is needed for living things to survive.

The children then discussed ways to find out information. They used books, ipads, posters and google search to look for answers to their questions like - What does a habitat look like? What can we find there? What lives in it? The children used a planning sheet to record their findings.

Next week, the children will use their information gathered to create an art piece using a variety of art materials about the habitat they chose.

We are looking forward to our very first field trip to Underwater World on Thursday!


Poetry month has created great enthusiasm among the children. It was nice to see some of the children bringing in poems that they had made at home. We have enjoyed having the golden envelope delivered to our classes each day. This has resulted in daily excitement wondering whether it will be a teacher, the Principal or a grade 6 student with the postman hat on delivering the mail.

Some children have finished their first personal narrative and have begun a new one. We have focused on letter formation and writing for a specific purpose.

In handwriting, the children learned the letter p and next week will learn the letter v.


The children spent the week familiarising themselves more with the concept of tens and ones. As they continued to work on their counting and number recognition to 50, the children also practiced identifying how many tens and ones these numbers are made up of. Although many manipulatives were being used, we started moving from the concrete to the pictorial, representing the tens and ones with drawings.

Next week we will start with addition within 10.

Here is the link to a fun game to help your child practice the concept of place value:



You are practising perseverance when you...

  • keep a steady pace in what you choose to do
  • you keep on keeping on
  • you finish what you start
  • you are a loyal and committed friend

Next week's virtue - Confidence