Edison Middle School

2013 - 2014

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop students who:

· understand the value of education, and the need for lifelong learning

· make connections across the disciplines

· apply their understandings to real-world contexts as practitioners and


· exhibit creative and critical thinking, make suppositions, question viewpoints, and search for patterns

· adapt to a changing technological world

· practice physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness

· demonstrate character through caring, honesty, trust, appreciation of

differences and family

· conduct themselves safely, respectfully, and responsibly

· set goals, explore professional

directions, and demonstrate


The resulting vision is the empowerment of competent and confident visionaries,

decision makers, and catalysts of positive change.

Our School

By the Numbers

125 Points gained on the Annual Progress Index since 2009

100% of teachers are highly qualified

25:1 Average class ratio of students to teachers in core subject areas

54 Community partners

72% of students attend 96% of the time or more

71% of students report feeling safe on campus

0% suspension rate

80% of parents polled feel welcome to participate at school

63% of students plan to attend college

1201 Students enrolled

38 field trips in 2013-2014 school year

15 Average number of supplementary workshops, speakers and opportunities for students to expand learning

17 Number of students who participated in SRLA and crossed the finish line at the 2014 LA Marathon

120+ Parent workshops, activities, events and opportunities to engage with their child’s learning each year

5 Average pieces of technology available to each teacher

About Us

Principal: Mr. Pedro Garcia

Assistant Principals: Ms. Heather Karuza + Mr. Arturo Martinez

Counselors: Ms. Angela Randolph + Ms. Edna Rivas

Bilingual Coordinator: Ms. Claudia Ulloa

Title-One Coordinator: Mr. David Barrett

Behavior Intervention: Mr. Grant Schippert

The Edison Experience (Spring 2013)


AVID is an academic, regularly scheduled elective class based on writing as a tool of learning, inquiry method, and collaborative grouping. The three main components of the program are:

academic instruction, tutorial support—a targeted, student centered model, and motivational activities like college tours.


The DARTS math model combines weekly diagnostics, with assignments specific to the problems the student missed. DARTS also focuses on word problems, by asking students totranslate from English into math symbols and to solve using a common graphic organizer & rubric.

English-Language Arts intervention model that includes bi-weekly diagnostics, editing, academic vocabulary, and modeled writing. Students are able to self-monitor their progress and are provided multiple opportunities to work on their weaknesses.


Leadership class is based on

representing the student body and faculty members. The principles of the class are respect, responsibility, and safety. Leadership also helps the school become a better place by

hosting fun events and activities and doing service.

Positive Behavior Supports

The Behavior Intervention Office stresses the importance of “Positive Behavior” with:

· Monthly Positive Behavior Assemblies—to remind students of the rules and

expectations, and inform them of events

or changes to school policy.

· Edison Eagle Scholar Dollars earned by demonstrating good behavior—redeemable for goods and pizza parties.

· Parent notification of excellent behavior via mailed postcards.