Paul's Decisions

By Sarah St.John

Paul's decisions impacted on a lot of what his life was made up to in Tangerine County, Florida. For example, when Lake Windsor Middle School's portables were swallowed by a sink hole, he could have chosen to go to Tangerine Middle School or Saint Anthony Middle School. If he hadn't have chosen Tangerine Middle School, he wouldn't have been on the soccer team. Also, if he did not save the people in the portables that were going in the sinkhole, many people could have died or had been injured.
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Paul's Decisions were:

~Be Goalie for Lake Windsor Downs

~Go to a Carnival with Joey

~Tell the truth about what happened at the carnival

~Go to Mikes Funeral

~When Paul could have been saving himself, he helped other people in the sinkhole

~Choose Tangerine Middle School over Saint Anthony

~Join the soccer team even though the mean kids were on the team

~When Lake Windsor Middle school was not under construction anymore, he stayed at Tangerine Middle School

~Enjoyed the smell of the citrus trees, so he helped Luis and Tino water the Tangerines

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