The Frighting Great Plains Indians.

By: Ethan Caldwell

Where they Lived and How:

The Comanche Indians lived in the Texas plains. This would be the southern plains down in the northern part of Texas. They lived in teepees and nomads. They also traded for most of their resources. They were very good at trading that it could be considered a skill. They traded the stuff they had stolen from horse's to children and woman.
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Facts & Ideas

*They stole and traded for there goods.

*They were known as excellent traders.

*They hunted and gather instead of farming.

*They raided other tribes too.

*The nomads lived in tee-pees.

*They were the most important tribe in shaping Texas history.

*They traveled most of the time.

*They traveled because when the buffalo move they follow they did this because this was there main food source.

*They traveled light so they could move quicker.

*Clothing: Loin cloth and animal skins.

*A chief would lead the tribe.

Tribes in that culture.

Comanche, Apache, Kiowa, Tonkawa, Wichita.

How they Adapted.

Since they traveled light they could adapt to a environment a lot more easier,quicker, and more efficient. They followed the buffalo so gathering food was easier. They would use the buffalo skins for robes or loin cloths for when winter became harsh and cold.

Comparing Cultures

Most of the cultures were friendly excluding the great plains Indians. One of the most fearful tribes was the Comanche. The Caddo gave Texas it's names. The pueblo's lived in very odd house's that were difficult to live in. The southeastern got most of their food from fish and buffalo. All of the cultures have similarities and are different in many ways it all depends on the environment and the way that you live that affects you.