MaryKathryn Ferguson

What is the size of the countries area?

290,586 sq miles (752,614 km²)

they have many lakes and mountains and plateaus. Which is an advantage for the people because if they wanted to grow crops, they could.

What's the population

14.08 million, people are only expected to live about 48 years because of the poor living. The people that live in Zambia don't have much of anything which doesn't help their population/the way they live.

How well educated are the people in Zambia?

They start school at 7 and there's grades first through seventh, it doesn't help with power though because very few people get educated therefore very few people can be leaders. This is a big disadvantage because they don't have very intelligent people to rule and be leaders.

How large and well equipped are its armed forces?

They don't have a big army and they don't have a name because they are land locked. Their whole arm forces is called the Zambian defense forces. This is a disadvantage because if they ever needed their army they wouldn't have very many people and would have a huge disadvantage to the other country. They also don't have a navy.

What are the physical features like?

plateaus and mountains in the surrounding area, most of it is very flat. Zambia also has lakes, such as lake bangweulu, lake kariba, lake kashiba, and lake mweru. This is somewhat of an advantage to them because with the flat area they can grow crops.

How productive is the countries economy?

Mainly everything in Zambia is poor, the economy, government, etc. their economy is not very strong because the people are not well educated. This is a very big disadvantage to them because their country can't function well.