Hydrogen Cars

The environment would give you a hug if you used one!

Just imagine driving this bad boy around while knowing that the Earth loves you at the same time!

"Why do I want to drive this around? I won't notice any difference in the environment and it will just cost more"

A hydrogen car is actually cheaper than your eco-destroying robot and is by far superior. Hydrogen cars only produce water, so there is no extra smoke and bad environmental things coming out of an exhaust pipe. There is also half the parts of a normal car because it does not need to do as much, and if enough of people get hydrogen cars, you WOULD notice a difference.

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"I want to know why hydrogen fuel is 'better' then the currently used fuel"

Easy. There is so many different ways that it's better for you and the economy. First of all, it produces water instead of the smog that the current fuel does. Run that water through a purifier and you can drink it. You can't drink smog can you? It also is more energy efficient while giving you the same speeds as a normal car. A number of companies are currently working on and producing hydrogen cars and there is no reason that you should not buy one

How much does a hydrogen car cost?

The one being produced by Honda (left) is at a targeted $50,000. This is the average price of a normal car and will get you all the same pros, while adding some and deleting some cons.

Hydrogen car commercial