4 Professions in Chemistry

Chris Beeson, Daphne Rodriguez

Concrete/Soils Lab Technicians

This position is responsible for the processing and testing of soil, asphalt and concrete materials using company and client specific guidelines.

This job makes sure we are safe with the materials we use for our major project or common task.

It could negatively effect us if they get something wrong we could be injured.

Lab Technician

Inspect, characterize and evaluate powders, products and raw materials. Preform all types of tests and inspections including microscopic analysis, traverse rupture strength, density, magnetic properties, hardness, oxygen and carbon level.

This positively effects us by telling us what we use and how we should use it.

Negatively effect us by wrong data or mixing data and we think something good is something harmful.


Chromatography personnel is responsible for analyzing data from the mass spectrometer of the patient’s urine sample to determine what compounds are present from both prescription and illicit substances.

Positively, it could prove if someones guilty or not, or it could give us jobs.

Negatively, it could keep someone from getting a job.

Forensic Examiner

The examiner will process and examine evidence and forensic materials submitted by contributors, document and report results of examinations, and perform peer reviews for trace evidence (hairs and fibers).

Positively, it could tell if someone was there or prove someones innocence.

Negatively, if they got there research mixed it would falsify someones truth.