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Volume 2: December Edition

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On behalf of the WFF Committee at Gordon Food Service, we would like to wish you a joyful Holiday Season!!!!!

By now you should have completed your

1. Conference Registration

2. Completed the Travel Survey (even if you have booked your own travel).

3. Completed the Leadership Competency Assessment

4. Selected you Conference Curriculum

If for some reason you have not been able to complete the tasks listed above, please contact Courtney Simmons.

Bringing It Back Spotlight: Lyndsey Minasola

I was so grateful when Gordon Food Service invested in my professional development, by sending me to the WFF Conference. This was a major investment; we would have to sell an additional 300 cases of Napkins (this year) to offset my individual expense!!!!!! I thought about how hard we would have to work for those cases, and I was determined to provide a strong ROI for the leadership team that invested in me.

I left with a single goal. I wanted to turn my learning's into something tangible for my team and peers. I needed to provide them with something impactful that would help us "move the needle".

My eureka moment came when I sat in on Shari Harley's "Say Anything to Anyone" seminar. In short, Shari provides you with a real life tool kit, to create effective teams rooted in strong communication and trust. Anyone who has worked with people knows we may need to have difficult or uncomfortable conversations with our co-workers/peers/managers and Shari provides you with resources to help you get through these "conversations" and come out stronger and better than before.

One of my favorite tools is Shari's Candid Culture Cards. A box of flash cards that asked questions like..

  1. "How do you prefer to communicate: Email/Phone/In Person/IM Text?"
  2. "If I have to interrupt you how would you prefer I do so?"
  3. "Is it okay if I have to contact you outside of work hours?"
These cards allow the team to break down barriers and gather priceless knowledge about each other's, professional wants and needs; allowing for a conversation before THE CONVERSATION (and the second conversation is usually after someone has reached their breaking point).These cards really help us understand how to work effectively with each other. When the seminar ended, I literally ran to the WFF bookstore to purchase myself a pack.

After Conference I grabbed some time at a team meeting and gave a short presentation on the importance of creating a Candid Culture within our own team. I followed it up by pulling out a couple of those Candid Culture flashcards, and round robin we answered them; which allowed us to gain insight into each other's professional wants and needs.

Some of the Feedback my team gave me after the meeting:

"Just wanted to say that you did an awesome, awesome job on the candid culture presentation today. Thank you, first, or taking the ball and running with it, and two, for bringing something to the table that will be a valuable take away for the team!!!I had multiple people mention something already, at how great they thought the conversation was." -Meredith Sprenger

"One of the most valuable topics/conversations we have had"

- Brandon Henderson.

Whether you are a first time, or twentieth time attendee, I challenge you to think about the Investment Gordon Food Service has made in you, and how you are going to bring game changing content back to your teams!!!!

- Lyndsey Minasola (Divisional Support/Transformation Analyst)


I keep the Candid Culture Cards on the top of my desk. If you would like to use these cards at your next team meeting, you are more than welcome. This is a great tool for building trust, creating a safe environment, and encouraging honest feedback within your team! Just shoot me an IM so I can validate that they are available.

Lack of Communication in the Workplace - Why We Don't Give Feedback at Work | Shari Harley

Conference Tips and Tricks

  • Did you know that the WFF offers free Professional Head-shots at conference? Head-shots are a great way to enhance your resume and show that you take your career seriously. Check out this article in Forbes in regards to the Do's and Dont's of head-shots (Click here for article).

To avoid long lines at the Conference, come prepared to take the photo either on the first day or the last, when lines are significantly shorter.

  • The WFF has an on site Book store at Conference. This is a great place to look for books written by your favorite speakers, as well as other Professional Development Tools for you to take away after Conference.