Animal abuse

Ramiro montoya lopez

animal abuse

How animals are treated.animals are not treated well in curcusis and some zoos.Animals get punished if they do not do things.I think animals should be treated fairly and should not be punished.I also think that animals should not be forced to do things.tigers should not be forced to jump threw fire hoops.
The wild life conversation siocety is helping animals around the world.They help animals like tigers gorillas wolveries and ocean yiants.There mision started in the early 1900,s.there
The wwf mission is to protectthe wid life core.For poaching home lossthe wwf is creating a better  future for the wild.proctectintg this creatures are a threaven  for a healthy planet.frrom slow forests to oceans on wild food. acoding to human sciocety they give animals what there not supose to be fead.