August Scholls Heights Knights

Parent/Guardian Newsletter

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Principal Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to welcome you and your student(s) back to school. There is a lot of information in this Newsletter that we hope will help prepare you for the start of the school year. This is our best thinking at this time. We will make adjustments as necessary. We appreciate your patience and grace as we try to be as safe and efficient as possible.

As we prepare to welcome students back, safety is our top priority. Please help your child understand that we will be doing our best to keep our masks on, our hands and bodies to ourselves, and some distance from others. We know that students may not be able to maintain 3 feet of personal space and that is okay, as they are children. We have measured out personal space for them in the classroom. We will be wearing masks and frequently cleaning our hands. We have masks available, but it will be helpful if your student has a backup mask in their backpack.

We are busy preparing balanced classes. Our teaching staff is dependent on enrollment (our number of children at each particular grade) and we are doing our best to ensure that each class has a similar amount of students. This has been especially challenging the last few weeks as we are welcoming new families and saying goodbye to some of our previous families.

You can expect a Parent Newsletter on the first Friday of each month, excluding July and August. We will also send other important communication as needed.


Tracy Bariao (Principal)

Erika Heslin (Assistant Principal)

Meet and Greet / Supply Drop Off Friday, September 3- Optional

We would like to safely invite students and a parent into the building to see their classroom and potentially drop off their school supplies. Please know that rooms may not be completely set up, but this is an opportunity for your child to enter into the building through their assigned door (please see below) and walk to their classroom. You will be notified of your child's placement by their teacher no later than 4:00 on Thursday, September 2.

We ask that you follow the safety guidance below:

* Come at your designated time and stay for no more than 15 minutes:

A-H 9:00-9:20 AM

I-P 9:20-9:40 AM

Q-Z 9:40-10:00 AM

*One parent

*Visit only current teacher. Do not visit previous teachers.

*Wear a mask at all times.

*Social distance 3 feet or more to the best of your ability.

Please note: Kindergarteners will have special appointments with their family to meet the teacher and visit the classroom. More information to come next week.

This is also a good time to drop medications off in the office.

We will also have a few tables with information outside under the covered area (PTO, Girl Scouts, Club K, etc.)


Students will be entering the building at different locations based on their grade level and go directly to class. We will have staff located at all entrances and all areas to help guide students. Arrival is between 8:15-8:30. We anticipate a lot of congestion, so please be patient if you are driving your student. Please drop your child off and exit the school grounds. Please review with your child where their entrance is located.

Kindergarten will enter and exit through the front doors.

1st and 2nd Graders will enter through the doors nearest the school sign and Loon Drive.

3rd and 4th Graders will walk through the playground to the doors near the lower hallway.

5th Graders in Ms. Crenshaw and Mrs. Snyder's class will walk through the playground and through the gate near the planter boxes to enter their outside classroom door.

5th Graders in Mrs. Mazzotta and Mr. Jeffcott's class will enter their Portable Classroom.

ISC will enter and exit through their outside classroom doors.

Some families find it helpful to practice procedures prior to the start of a new schedule. Feel free to come by and show your child their assigned entrance.

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Dismissal is at 3:05.

We will load Bus Riders onto their bus. Please make sure that your child visually knows their bus stop. We expect this information to be sent by Transportation next week with details.

Parent Pick-Up students will exit the door nearest the school sign and Loon Drive with a grade level teacher. Students will stay with their assigned teacher until the student identifies their pick-up person. We will try to have students being picked up by car on the parking lot side and students being picked up by a walker on the path. We are asking parents to wait in their car or on the sidewalk in order for us to have enough space to distance. You can also park and wait in the sidewalk waiting area.

We anticipate students and parents will be happy to see one another again. However, we ask that you do not linger to help with congestion and safety protocols. Please note, Club K has rented our cafeteria and playground until 6:00 PM.

As in the past, you will need to make a right turn out of our parking lot as this helps with the vehicle congestion and our buses.

Office Procedures

Please keep a consistent dismissal plan. If you need to change it, please call the office as soon as possible, in the morning, so we can get the message to the teacher.

Our current office capacity is three visitors/parents. If you come to the office, please wait to be buzzed in. Unfortunately, we can no longer hold the door to let other visitors/parents in.

If your child happens to forget something at home, please call the office prior to coming to school. It might be something they do not need or can wait for another day.

Please try your best to avoid appointments during our instructional time. If you need to pick your child up early, please come in to the office and we will call the classroom for your child. Thanks!

Backpack Tags

We will have tags to attach to the backpacks of our K-2 students. This will assist us in helping them enter through their assigned door and help them to the correct dismissal location at the end of the day.

Meal Program Info

Students can access free meals at school all year! Check out this link for information.


We wanted to let everyone know that the district is closing playgrounds during work hours / Daycare hours. Therefore, our playground will be closed to the public from 8:00-6:00 M-F.

As a reminder, dogs are not allowed on district playgrounds or property.

Healthroom/Symptom Space

Too Sick For School- Health Information

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