Life As An Enslaved African

Colonial Virginia


This is one of the many crops that I tend to in my day of working for an English gentleman.

Jail Cell

This is where I get punished for my wrong doings, where I get very little food and water a day. And if I am put in here it is usually crowded so I can get sick very easily.

Stable Manager

In my day of work I can sometimes be lucky enough to be able to take care of one of the horses as shown above.

Brick Helper

As a slave to my so called boss I can sometimes be able to be spared from some of my duties to fetch his supplies as a Brick Maker if thee is injured or ill. Shown above is one of my masters present houses he is working on that I have helped with by fetching supplies.

Pale of water

In my day of working I am obligated to collect water for my masters purposes.

House of Burgesses Meeting Area / Court

This is one of the many places that I am rarely allowed to go to. Usually the only time slaves like me are to come here is when thee has done something wrong.

Kianna G.