The Darkness of Poaching

By Ashley Press

Recent events and new tactics.

Because of the Rapid decline of the Rhino population, poachers have resorted to darting the Animals and removing the horn while they are alive. Afterwards the lucky ones can hopefully get treatment by rangers, the unlucky ones genrally die of dieases.
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True or False

1. Rhino horns and elephant ivory can help aid cancer patients

2. You would have better luck chewing your own fingers or a horse hoof then ingesting Rhino Horn

3. Social Media helps create awareness for local organizations by glorifying Poaching

4. During the extraction of the Rhio horns the poachers dart the animal.

5. Poachers provide medical aid after removing the horn of the rhino

6. Rhino's are sometimes awake during the extraction process

7. Baby Rhino's and Elephants let out small crys over theirpaent's dead bodies

8. New tactics have had mosst rhinos die immediately after being poached

9. Because of cannedhunting the rhino population has rapidly increased

10. The wildlife animal fund is a fraud



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