The Daily Dose

Article by: Henry Hall


Last night a meteor struck east of Winchester containing some kind of beings that we believe to be Martians! We are led to believe this because of the trajectory of this meteor.

However we have no idea what to expect of these beings and if they are friendly or humans biggest enemy. With no deaths and many people at the scene trying to free the creatures tomorrows paper will feature what happens next.

Predictions Of Whats To Come

What We Should Do

Dr. Swarts believes that we should have the creatures captured and contained until further examined to make sure we don't face any threats. Dr. Nye believes that we should just try to communicate with the creatures to prevent any aggressive gestures. However Dr. Einstein believes we should just nuke the creatures to ensure earths safety.

The Daily Motivation

Today in our daily motivation we will tell the story of a breast cancer patient who fought the cancer for 7 years. With countless rounds of chemo and struggling through it all she comes out on top beating the cancer, we want everyone to take this as motivation to never give up no matter how hard things are. There is always a way.