The War Of 1812

The Cause Of The War,Battle Regions And The Effects

Why Was the war fought

1.One of the most import reason america fought with great Britain was because they would capture american sailors and would ask for money to free them or they would make them into ship slaves. and the the british asked for money and they would leave the ships alone. so america did because they did not want to form a navy so they paid the british but the attacks on the american ships continued. so the united states made the choose to make a navy but only big enough to fight of the british troops.

2.the other reason the war was fought was that the british instigated the native americans to attack settlements on the eastern boarder of the L.P before the war was fought the americans wanted to expand there territory and they invaded the natives homeland.

3. Tecumsen attempts to unit tribes in indian territory to fight u.s government but william henry harrison stops the rebelling at the battle of tippecanox.

4.some of the people encuraging the war were herny clay, and john c. calhoun

Battle Regions

1. some of the battle regions were the navy battle were at first the british were sinking a lot of american ship but then the united states started to fight back with a ship called old ironsides and america ends up wining. but british blockades still were problems

2.chesapeake champagn where british troops march throw washinton and burn down the white house

3. southern campaign andrew jackson and horeshoe bend