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Guided Reading~~The Romance and the Reality

At the recent ILA conference in St. Louis, Jen and I had the opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by Fountas and Pinnell. Their very timely topic focused on revisiting the tenets of Guided Reading and refining our practice through a deeper understanding of the various stages of the process. I am sharing the link to this handout in hopes that we can delve into it sometime in the near future. In the meantime, you may find it helpful as you begin conducting your guided reading groups.

In the Best Interest of Students~~Staying True to What Works in the ELA Classroom (Gallagher, 2015)

Kelly Gallagher's new book is an informative (and easy-to-read) examination of how the Common Core Standards fall short and how to utilize their strengths to enhance classroom instruction in reading and writing. As always, he provides practical strategies and activities that can be folded into your repertoire quite readily. I have a copy in my office for anyone who would like to peruse it before purchasing, but I guarantee, you'll want your own copy!

Chromebook PD for Grades 4-6! Tuesday, September 29th (TIM)

During this session we will be discussing all things Chromebook--that is, we will talk about how the 1:1 roll out is going in your classes, recommendations for handling the Chromebooks, how you see the Chromebooks being used throughout the year, etc.

In addition (and this is very important) we need to discuss some of the tools and apps you would like to see available to you and your students on the Chromebooks. I will provide a list of these for us to 'experiment' with and select some to be added by IT.

Google Drive PD for Grades K-3! Tuesday, October 6th (TIM)

We'll be discussing how Google Drive (and other Google Apps for Education) can make

Creation, Collaboration, and Communication more productive for you. I will help you organize your Google Drive and recommend some uses in your classroom and beyond.

SAMR Model

Check out these Youtube videos which provide clear explanations of the SAMR model of infusing technology into classroom teaching and learning.
SAMR in 120 Seconds
The SAMR Model Explained By Students