Ernest Hemingway


10 facts about Ernest Hemingway

  1. He was born on July 21,1899
  2. His middle name is Miller
  3. Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois
  4. The second of six children
  5. Ernest Hemingway was born to Grace Hall and Clarence Edmonds Hemingway
  6. Grace Hall, Ernest's mom, was a singer
  7. Clarence Hemingway, Ernest's father, was a doctor
  8. Hemingway graduated from high school in 1917, 2 months after the outbreak of World War I
  9. Because of his poor eyesight, Hemingway could not join the army.
  10. Hemingway got a job as a cub reporter for "Kansas City Star" newspaper

10 facts about Ernest Hemingway

11. In Kansas City he discovered a way to join the war effort and in 1918 he sailed to Paris as an ambulance driver.

12. In 1921 he met his wife Hadley Richardson at a party

13. Shortly after the couple moved to Paris.

14. In 1923 he had his first child, a son.

15. In Paris in 1926 Hemingway met and fell in love with Pauline Pfieffer

16. Hadley Richardson agreed to a divorce.

17. In May of 1927 he married Pauline

18. Ernest and Pauline gave birth to a son in late 1928

19. In November 1960, Hemingway entered a clinic where he received a diagnosis for diabetes, cirrhosis, and depression

20. On July 2, Ernest Hemingway died due to a self-inflicting gun shot to the head.

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