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January 2021

News from the Office

It was wonderful to see our students returning after our time out of the building following the holidays. We know that virtual days can be very challenging for many of our students and families ... Please know how much we appreciate all you are doing during this difficult time to keep your children engaged in education! We are continually encouraged by the growth they are showing!

As a reminder, if you have any questions about your child's attendance during our virtual learning days, please feel free to contact Mrs. Jones by calling the school or by email:

Upcoming Events:

February 9th and 11th - Parent Teacher Conferences

February 12th - In-Service Day (No school for students)

February 15th - Presidents' Day (No school)

February 18th - Blain PTO Meeting

Mrs. O'Toole's Reading Corner

Time to Talk: Let’s face it! Life can be a bit crazy at times. Between work, household tasks, making sure our children’s needs are met, and all of the other things we cram into a 24-hour period, we often have little time to REALLY talk and interact with our children. Sure, we may spend a great deal of time telling our children to do things and then reminding them, but do we actually spend time ENGAGING them in a conversation and then taking the time to listen to them? As you think about your daily conversations with your child, imagine yourself recording your interactions and playing back the digital images and sound. Would you like what you hear? If your answer is no, then here are just a few ideas to help you communicate better with your child.

1. Establish family routines – Read a book/chapter to your child each evening at bedtime and allow extra time just to talk.

2. Eat meals together – Trust me, with two teenage daughters and a dairy farmer as a husband, I know how difficult this can be. Try to set aside at least one night per week when you can do this. Then, get some great conversations going while you eat!

3. Be an active listener – When your child is talking with you, try to give your child your undivided attention. This can be VERY hard to do in our busy lives – we are always being bombarded with texts, social media notifications, etc – but try to focus only on your child when he/she is talking.

January Literacy Challenge: This month, let’s try to communicate more at home. Click here to play “Communication Bingo.” Try to choose one every day to ask your child. Can you do them all?

Look Who Was Caught Reading: If you catch your child reading at home, don’t forget to send a picture to me I will put the picture on my reading wall and allow him/her to choose a free book. Congratulations this month to: Makenna Dobbs, Isabella Warren, Adam Noel, and Raelyn Rodgers!

Miss Roth's Counseling Connection

Updates from the Counseling Office

Hi friends,

Happy New Year! I hope your new year is off to a great start. I wanted to start this year off by giving some brief updates on things happening in and around the counseling office at Blain Elementary!

Food Pantry

Blain Elementary is happy to announce the start of a food pantry program at our school! Blain Elementary and West Perry School District are partnering with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to provide snacks, lunch, and breakfast items, along with some other food items to our students/families. All Blain Elementary students are eligible for this program, regardless of income. A form was sent home with all students.

The Food Program at Blain Elementary began on January 18th, 2021. Students can enroll throughout the school year by having a parent or guardian contact, contacting the school office, or by asking their teacher for a sign-up form. The program will be similar to the Backpack Program that we had last year in that students will be sent home with a bag of food once per week. A larger optional family box will be provided once a month and will have to be picked up by a parent or guardian. You will be notified of dates and times for the larger box distribution once it begins.

Career Education: SmartFutures

Before Christmas break, I began visiting 5th grade classrooms to introduce students to our new career education program called SmartFutures. So far, both 5th and 4th grade classes as well as Miss Stone’s 3rd grade class have begun working on the program. Students in 5th grade are required to complete 15 SmartFutures activities by the end of the school year. Students in 2nd-4th grade will be required to complete 5 activities, and children in K-1st will complete 2 activities by the end of the school year. Students can access SmartFutures through their Clever Portal under “Career Readiness”. I will be working my way around to K-2 in the month of February.

This new interactive career program allows students to begin exploring interests, abilities, and different types of careers starting as early as kindergarten! This program is being utilized all throughout the District and will follow students through high school. If you haven’t already, talking to your child about their interests, skills, and abilities is a great way to get them thinking about future careers! This program is a part of the District’s Chapter 339 Program and Pennsylvania’s Career Education and Work Standards.

Character Education: Self-Control

For the last few months, our school has been focusing on the character trait of responsibility. Moving into a new year, we are shifting our focus for the next few months to self-control! Self-control is choosing to do what’s right, even when we don’t feel like it! It looks like making sure we think before we act or speak, control our temper, respect others and their belongings, sit in our seat and be quiet during class, and build healthy habits! Students are encouraged to STOP what they are about to do or say, THINK about their choices, and DO what is best for the situation. Students in all grades are able to earn Mustang Tickets for displaying acts of self-control throughout the day in school. Students in grades 3rd-5th also nominate peers for the Character Trait Superhero as well! Mustang Ticket earners are featured on the bulletin board outside the office as well as on an edition of our school news show, the Mustang Minute. 3rd-5th grade Character Trait Superheroes are featured on a bulletin board in the 3rd and 4th grade hallway as well as on our Mustang Minute!

Here are a few easy, classic games to encourage self-control and self-regulation at home:

Simon Says: Only perform the action when “Simon says”!

Freeze Dance: One person is in charge of the music. Play music and dance away, but FREEZE! when the music stops.

Red Light, Green Light: One leader names the color of the light. Move on green light, stop on red! Don’t get caught moving on red!

Be well,

Miss Courtney Roth, M.Ed.

School Counselor

Blain Elementary


Blain Elementary School

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