6.1.2 How Did She Die?

Patrick Lindsley

Cause of Death:

Diabetic Ketoacidosis: caused by lack of insulin

Body Systems it Affected:

- Urinary - High levels of blood glucose can cause the kidneys to fail which doesn't allow them to filter waste products from your body

- Digestion - High levels of blood glucose also cause your stomach to not completely empty which means not everything is properly digested.


- Doug Greene replaced Anna's pills with sugar pills

- Her diabetes was also a risk factor that contributed to her developing DKA

- Anna took the pills and that caused her blood sugar to increase

- The increased glucose and decreased insulin caused the body to start using hormones to turn fat into energy

-This causes high levels of toxins to build up

-This led to her DKA

How could she have prevented this?

Long Term: She could have had a better diet to cut out high levels of sugar

Short Term: She could have been monitoring her blood sugar to notice that it wasn't decreasing