Branding Myself

Danh Nguyen


  • Hard worker
  • Honest
  • All A"s student
  • Soccer Player
  • A Responsible Human Being
  • Good With Technology
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  • Speaking in Public
  • Shy
  • Reading Out Loud
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  • Trustworthy by others
  • Scholarships to good colleges
  • Starter on the Soccer Team
  • A Career in the Technology Field


  • Missing out Opportunities
  • Not Be Able to Meet New People
  • Will Not Be Able to Get What I Want

Purpose, Audience, and Criteria

My purpose is to get scholarships to good colleges in the country. I want to show the admissions counselor from different colleges who I am, and what I'm good at and if I meet the requirements in order to receive scholarships and get accept into their colleges. To get what I want, I have to keeping getting good grades, keep my digital footprint positive, do more community services, and try my best with everything I do.
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Logo & Images.

I can see myself as a good student because I have A's in all of my classes. Also, I'm a very responsible student because I always finish my school works early, and I study for all of my tests and quizzes. Another image that can describe me is that I'm a good person because I help out other people, and I do community services.
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Slogan & Taglines

  • I should tweet out positive messages such as "Good Morning!" on Twitter.
  • Also, I can tweet out what's going on in school, and the upcoming events at school that I might attend.


At East Leyden High School, I'm an active member of the Key Club, Ecology Club, and the French Club. With these clubs, I volunteer to do community services to help out the neighborhoods around me. Also, I was a member of the Leyden Soccer Team
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Plan For Implementation

  • Try my best with everything I do.
  • Keep getting good grades and be a responsible student.
  • Don't post negative or inappropriate things online because it can hurt my digital footprint. I don't want to have a bad digital footprint because potential employers or admission counselors will check it as a part of the background information when you apply for a job or college.
  • Continue to do more community services hours because it shows that I'm a good person