October 14, 2016

JBD Staff wears pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

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Thank you Debbie, Betsy, Lisa, Diana , Salena and Bernice for all you do everyday for our students and staff. You all did an awesome job getting all of the students fed after Hurricane Matthew!

School Bus Safety Week / America's Safe School Week October 17 - 21

Thank you to our hard-working Bus Drivers, Security Assistant Nancy George & our new Crossing Guard, Jennifer Rizzotti.



An earthquake drill is held to practice procedures to follow in the event of an earthquake. In practice drills, teachers should supervise students and be alert to the position of each student during the entire drill.

Signal: The signal for the drill is the following PA announcement. “ATTENTION STUDENTS AND STAFF, IMPLEMENT EARTHQUAKE PROCEDURES - DUCK, COVER AND HOLD ON.


  • 1. Drop to knees facing away from windows.
  • 2. Get under desks or tables where possible and hold on firmly.
  • 3. Fold body onto floor with arms close to knees.
  • 4. Place head between knees; and cover head with hands.
  • 5. Stay in this position for 10 seconds.
  • 6. Teachers will direct students to return to seats.

Earthquake Safety Guidelines: Remain Calm. The rolling sensation may terrify you, but unless something falls on you, the sensations will not hurt you. Think through the consequences of any action you plan to take. If you are indoors, stay there.

If you are in danger:

  • Get under a sturdy table or desk.
  • Brace yourself in an inside corner away from windows.
  • Move to an inner wall or corridor.
  • Watch for falling objects - plaster, bricks, light fixtures, etc.
  • Stay away from furniture which might slide or topple over.
  • Stay away from windows, sliding glass doors, and mirrors.
  • Grab anything handy (back pack, notebook, papers, box, etc.) to shield your head and face from falling debris and splinting glass.
  • Don't be alarmed if the fire alarm or sprinklers go off.
  • Do Not Rush Outside. Stay on the same floor that you are on.
  • Do not use elevators as the power for elevators may go out and leave you trapped.

The greatest danger from falling debris is just outside doorways and close to outer walls. If for safety reasons you must leave the building, choose your exits as carefully as possible.

  • If conditions warrant an evacuation, check evacuation routes and staging location prior to moving students. If you are outside, stay there. Move away from the building, power poles and lampposts. Electric power lines are a serious hazard - stay away from fallen lines. If possible, proceed cautiously to an open area.
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If a parent requests that you fill out paperwork about a child (rating scales, info for the doctor or lawyer, Social Security Papers, etc.), you MUST have the parent fill out a disclosure form so we can send the information directly to the other party. We SHOULD NOT give the info directly to the parents or send it to the other party without the disclosure completed. You will also need to make sure you have the fax or mailing address for where it needs to be sent. The disclosure form is available in the office copy room and on our Sharepoint under “Documents” and then “16-17 JBD Handbook” and then it is called “SPE-Disclosure.” If you have any questions, please see Kelley or Stacy. Thank you!

October Calendar

October 15: PTA Fall Festival 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Come and enjoy the fun!

October 17: Jeans Day for staff who join the VBRC!

October 17: 4th Grade Chorus 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

October 19: SCA Meeting (All) 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

October 19: PTA Tennis (K-2) & Boys Running Club

October 20: Earthquake Drill 10:20 a.m.

October 20; Choir Chimes 2:45 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

October 20: Parent Information Night- The "WHY" of Technology- 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

October 24: School OPEN for staff and students- makeup day for inclement weather

October 27: PTA Reflections Ceremony 6:30 p.m.


October 20 - Salena Williams

October 26 - Eileen Smith

October 31- Stacy Sedory


Picture day forms were placed in the Teacher's Mailboxes this week. Portrait packages are sent home with students after picture day; therefore no money is collected now.

Please keep any Portrait Selection Forms returned to you in your classroom and give them to the photographer on Picture Day.

NEW SCHEDULE! **Pictures will be taken during your P.E. time.** If you have any questions, please contact Stacy. Thank you!


Grants are available for current VCTM members who are teaching in the state of Virginia and wish to continue their education in mathematics. This grant provides funding that can be used for tuition at a two-year or four-year institution. Applications are due December 1, 2016.

Teachers, get ready for those goblins and ghouls coming in on Monday, Oct. 31. There are no Halloween parties and parents are asked to not send in candy. In you classrooms, please enjoy Pumpkin Stem activities and engaging experiences to keep the spirits under wraps! if you choose to do an educational activity involving candy, that's up to you. Just please be keenly aware of allergies!


  • Thinking of you, Lori Trau, for the loss of your brother-in-law
  • Barb Hartin - as your daughter-in-law's father undergoes heart surgery


I would like to nominate Patrick for making a difference. Patrick is a great example of a co-worker and showing what it looks like to work as a team. I would like to thank Patrick for helping the night crew while we were short handed. No matter when you ask Patrick to help cleaning extra rooms his answer is always "YES"! So I would like to nominate Patrick the "V.I.P." of Custodial Services for making a difference. Thank you, Patrick. From Alicia Hosey


  • Thank you Bonnie, Gwen & Trish for coordinating our Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Day!!
  • Michelle Self - Thank you so much for all of your help this week! ~ Nicole Prater

  • Susan Hardesty, Sue Mangam, and the JBD morning news crew - great job on reading and showing the Disability History and Awareness Month slides on the announcements and for the fantastic book display in the library. From the Special Education Team

  • Valda - thanks for your persistence in solving and fixing my computer problems. From Joe

  • Thank you to Lynne L. Lisa S., Edgar, Suzanne, Susan H., Christy A., Joe A., Kristi, Valda, and Stacey for an amazing and thoughtful leadership team meeting this week. Such intelligent and forward thinkers such as these professionals make amazing things happen in a great school like JBD! ~Beth
  • A thousand KUDOS to the CAFÉ staff for all of the hard work and efforts in making sure everyone got fed on Tuesday. No easy task!!! ~ Beth
  • Debbie Cathey is a rock star. The Great Neck area homeless will forever think of her as their hero as she fed them and took care of them at the Cox shelter during Matthew. What a gem you are! ~Beth
  • Robin, Jun, Patrick, Alicia, Ronald, and Laverne-Thank you for your intense efforts in getting the building cleaned and ready after the storm. Mold and leaks were abundant, wet rugs, smelly stuff everywhere, but it was no match for the JBD Superstar Custodial TEAM! You are the BEST! ~Beth
  • Congratulations to Nicole Linderman and Jamie Van Reesema: Winners of the drawing of the two Starbucks gift cards for joining Reading Council by September 30th!!

  • Thank you, Mrs. Bianchi, for promoting the VBRC Fall conference and giving so many teachers the opportunity to go as “your treat”!
  • Gwen - Thank you so much for all your support and kind words. I appreciate all you do for me and our students. You are amazing and I couldn't do it without you! I am enjoying working with you! Sierra

  • Valda - Thank you for helping me fix my computer this week. I appreciated your time and I'm so glad you were able to get it working again! Sierra
  • Barb K. - I appreciated you helping in our classroom so Gwen could take her lunch. Thank you! Sierra
  • We want to thank everyone who joined in our Breast Cancer Awareness Day. It was great seeing all the shades of pink you found. Thank you Kathy for our very informative poster, Deborah for those fabulous cupcakes, Beth for the pink cookies and cinnamon buns, and Corinne for the delicious fruit tray. It was just our way to show everyone that early detection is the most important thing and there is great strength in unity. Thank you from Gwen, Trish and Bonnie

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