"The Bedroom Basher"

By Lea Gonzalez

Gerald Parker

  • raped and attacked 5 women and an unborn child.
  • crimes happened in the 1970's but they weren't discovered until 17 years later.
  • sentenced to death in 1999 by lethal injection.

His Background

  • born around 1955
  • Marine
  • his very first offenses led to a term in Juvenile Hall for glue sniffing. (Glue sniffing became popular with young adolescents who experimented with glue and found that by sniffing the vapors a feeling of euphoria and exhilaration was achieved. )

Murdering a Fetus

Parker raped a women and murder her unborn baby. Thankfully the women survived but it led her to believe it was her husband who did this to her. It was actually blamed on the father of the baby, Kevin Lee Green. He served more than 16 years of prison until it was further investigated which then charged Parker with First Degree murder. Using the evidence for this crime, it led to investigation of other 5 unsolved crimes also by Parker.