BWRSD Community Update 9/10/20

Aspen Parent Portal and Required COVID-19 Daily Survey Form

Dear BWRSD Families/Guardians,

Please be sure that you have updated your child's contact information in the Aspen Parent Portal. We have provided information on how to complete this below.

We have also included the steps for completing the daily COVID-19 Attestation form that must be completed each day before your child leaves the house to go to school, the bus stop, or COZ. This form is also located in the Aspen Parent Portal. The directions for logging in are shown below. All students and staff are required to complete the COVID Attestation Form each day before entering our schools or getting on the school bus.

If you need help with accessing Aspen, please email or contact your child's school.

Sincerely Yours,

Jonathan Brice, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

1. Parent Portal Account Access and Back to School Gateway

We have added a new Back to School Gateway to our Aspen student information system. This will provide an easy way for families to update their child's contact information, digitally. This system replaces the paper process that families typically complete in the beginning of a school year and provides real time updates on contact information, which is important in ensuring that families receive school and district communications and information related to school events, report cards, school closures, and schedule changes due to the COVID-19 virus.

Please see the following information for accessing the Aspen Parent Portal Website and updating your child's contact information through the Back to School Gateway.

What you will need:

-The Aspen Parent Portal Website

-Your child(ren)’s LASID(s)

-Your child(ren)’s date(s) of birth

1. Log into your Aspen parent portal.

If you need help getting into your portal, email

2. Locate these two pieces of information first, as they will be how you get into the Back to School Gateway.

3. The username/login ID for the Back to School Gateway is your child’s LASID, a number that begins with 96 (example: 96xxxxxxx). This can be found by clicking on the Family top tab in the Aspen Parent Portal. The LASID is next to your child’s name.

4. The password for the Back to School Gateway is your child’s date of birth, with the forward slashes included. (example: mm/dd/yyyy)

5. Click on the link that says Back To School Gateway in the Announcements section. Use the child’s LASID and date of birth to log in.

6. Follow the screens to make any adjustments, and save at the end.

7. You will complete this process for each of your children.

2. How To Complete the Daily COVID-19 Student Attestation Form in the Aspen Parent Portal

BWRSD Back To School

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