An Easy Way to Make Videos Online!

What is Animoto?

  • Animoto is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers and students to easily incorporate images, text, and music into web based videos.
  • It engages students while helping visual, audio, and even kinesthetic learners.
  • It easily incorporates all types of technology and tools in one easy location to make a great presentation.

How Do I Start?

  • Create a FREE account by going to the following link:
  • Click create video and choose a background (DO NOT PANIC- you do not have to pay; just find the words MAKE A 30 SECOND VIDEO FOR FREE in blue underneath pricing).
  • You are off and running on making a video.

At A Glance

Help!!!-- No Worries

Step-By-Step Instruction Video

Animoto Instructional Video

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add pictures?

a. You can add images by either pressing the addition symbol and choosing images, or you can use the tool bar on the left hand side and hit add pics.

2. Where can I get pictures from?

a. You can get pictures from your computer (saved to computer or Drive), Instagram, Facebook, Smug Mug, and more.

3. How do I change the audio?

a. Clicking on the song title (listed above storyboard line), the music options will open and you can change the song to ones already in Animoto, or you can upload any MP3 version that you have.

4. How do I make the video stay longer on one picture or text?

a. After selecting the object that you want to last longer, click on the spotlight icon located on the left menu bar. This will make the video pause longer on that particular object.

5. How long can my video be?

a. For students videos are going to be 30 seconds long. If you are a teacher/administrator and want longer videos, you can sign-up for an education account.

A Finished Product!

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If you have additional questions, or just need help setting up your account or students' accounts, please do not hesitate to ask!

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