Goliad Elementary School Library

Handy Reference Guide

Search our library's catalog by clicking the link above or the instructions below. Makes it easy for you to view our library's holdings from the comfort of your own home/classroom computer. Write down the call numbers and bring your list with you to library!

Access Goliad's Library Catalog via the SAISD website

Since the district updated their website, my old instructions I had given you and your classes to access the library's catalog no longer work. Here are the instructions for getting there:

  1. Go to www.saisd.org
  2. Click on Schools
  3. Click on Elementary Schools
  4. Click on Goliad Elementary
  5. Look for "Useful Links" on the lower right hand side
  6. Click on Library Resources

Research & Safe Websites

Just in case you were not aware, I have plenty of safe research sites on the library homepage. If you scroll down past the big graphic, you will see these links. If you have a particular topic you will are researching, I will be more than happy to look for some safe and kid friendly websites for you and your students. I can even add them to the list of websites here for easy access.

If you are needing passwords for TexQuest and Encyclopedia Brittanica, InfoBits, or National Geographic, please come and see me. These are all state funded resources available to students and teachers of the state of Texas. Due to the state's regulations, I cannot post passwords via email, but I have cards I have made up for you to keep handy.
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Open Check Out

Open Check Out is designed to give students the opportunity to check out books during the week. If it is your scheduled library day, your students should not need to come to Open Check Out that day. Please wait until your scheduled library time for them to check out books.

Other things to remember:

  1. Send only 2 students at a time per class
  2. Make sure your students read and test on all of their books before sending them to Open Check Out
  3. Library is closed for lunch: 11:25AM - 11:55AM

iPad Check Out

iPads are now available for check out in the library. They are individually barcoded just like library books. There is not really a set limit on how many you can check out or how long you can have them checked out, but just be mindful of others.

iPad Check Out Procedure:

  1. Come to the library to check availability
  2. Teacher library cards are in the colored pockets on Mrs. Flores' bulletin board by her desk.
  3. Scan your card, then the barcode on each iPad you are checking out.
  4. When you bring them back, check them in and return them to the same cart and slot you got them from. (iPads are color coded and labeled to make this step easier)

AR Passwords

Sometimes AR has a mind of its own and doesn't let you log in. Shoot me an email and I will reset you.

Passwords are defaulted to:

Log in: District ID #

PW: firstinitial, lastname01 (example: sflores01)

STAR Password: ADMIN

AR Monitor Password: wild1

Please do not allow students to enter in either of these above passwords.