Question 7

my full productions

the question

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

front cover

Looking back on my first product in of a magazine, I have learnt new and helpful skills that has improve my work to this day. I have learnt many new skills on Photoshop and quark but I have also improved my skills with taking pictures for my main image for my front cover, which is an important element to learn as it helps with the design of the production and it if the main image is bright and detail it could attract more readers to like my magazine.

contents page

As well other now of my skills that have developed, which has improved on my magazine front cover, is the layout and colour of my magazine. For example, my preliminary task has little of colour and the layout has been placed incorrect, as you can see from the image of my first magazine there is a strong dominant background and the coverings are written is a weak font, making the front cover look unpolished. However, looking at the image of my final front cover production you can see that I have use the little amount of fours colours, and I have also placed my cover lines away front my main image, even so I have also highlighted the cover line with a background allowing them to stand out and look professional.