Canterbury Elementary School

September Newsletter


The staff at CES are so excited to welcome our students, whether you are new to us or a returning friend! We have been preparing for the school year ahead: painting, curriculum planning, classroom set-up, professional learning, collaboration and many more activities have kept us busy!

Our theme for this school year is “Growing a Garden of Learners.” This theme will be explored through an increased focus on outdoor education, allowing us to take full advantage of our gardens and grounds as we support all students to learn and grow.

I am pleased to introduce several new staff members to the CES school community:

Jenna Barlow - special education assistant

Richard Bergskaug - special educator

Cheyenne Boucher - speech pathologist

Kelsea Browne - music teacher

Karen Decker-Gendron - school nurse

Irene Gosselin - grade 4 teacher

Danyel Hebert - grade 4 teacher

Rhonda Houston - classroom assistant

Kelly Papps - classroom assistant

Meghan Shoemaker - special education assistant

Important Information- General School Operations

Bus Information

We will receive bus schedules from the bus company later in August, and they will be posted at Masks are required on the buses.

Morning Arrival

Supervision begins at 8:10, and students may be dropped off at this time. All vehicles will pull up to the playground entrance. A staff member will meet the children and guide them safely to the playground.

Parking is allowed on the right side of the parking lot only between 9 AM and 3 PM, and after dismissal ends at approximately 3:30 PM. This eliminates private vehicles moving through while students are exiting buses/cars. This prevents a backup of traffic on Baptist Road.

Late Arrival/Early Dismissal

Students who arrive at school after 8:30 AM must be escorted to the school and signed in by a parent/guardian. Please sign in at the clipboard on the table in the vestibule. Students will then walk to class.

If you are dismissing your student early, please sign them out at the same clipboard on the table in the vestibule. Please wait while Mrs. Blanchette calls them to come down from class. Do not proceed to your child's classroom.

Visitor/Volunteer Sign In Process

If you are visiting CES for a meeting or to volunteer, please see Mrs. Blanchette in the main office. She will give you a visitor's badge and have you sign in on either our visitor or volunteer sign in page before you proceed to your destination. This process allows us to know who is in our buildings at all times in case of an emergency. Thank you in advance for helping us to ensure the safety of all of our students.

Breakfast/Morning Recess

Students may get breakfast in the cafeteria or play with friends outside from 8:10-8:30. On rainy days, the students will wait in the gym.

Starting Our Day

The bell to start the day rings at 8:30. Students will line up outside with their classes at this time. We have created specific areas for each class to line up.

Lunch and Recess

Students will have snack, lunch and recess at the following times:

10:20 Snack

10:35 Recess

11:45 Lunch

12:15 Recess


Dismissal will begin at 3:10. Walkers will be dismissed to the office. Bus riders and car riders will be dismissed to the gym, where staff will be on hand to guide them.

No private vehicle is allowed to enter the parking lot from 3 PM until the buses leave at approximately 3:20 PM. Please remember it is illegal to park and wait on Baptist Road in front of the school. That would create a very dangerous situation as traffic attempts to pass waiting vehicles.

After the buses have departed, those in private vehicles may enter the school driveway and proceed to the playground entrance for car rider pick up. A staff member will escort each child safely to their ride.

There is only one entrance to the school parking lot and the traffic must proceed in one direction.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that our routines are efficient and safe.

The First Day of School

On the first day of school, (Tuesday September 7th) we ask that everyone follow normal procedures for dropping your child off at school. Parents sometimes want to accompany their student into school, particularly on the first day of kindergarten, which often increases student anxiety. Almost without exception, students calm down within minutes of parents leaving, but if parents stay, the anxiety continues. We have our school counselor and many other staff dedicated to helping our kindergarten students (and all students) work through the challenges of the first day, and this system works very well. We will, of course, call you if there are lasting concerns.

Our Visitor and Volunteer Podium - Located Outside the Office

Big picture

Mrs. Chubb

I am SO excited to be back for year 2 as your principal. CES and its students, families and staff are second to none!

I hope that you have had lots of fun summer adventures. I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing all about them.

All the best,

Mrs. Chubb

Responsive Classroom

At CES, we follow the Responsive Classroom philosophy and program. Accordingly, the first six weeks of school will begin with an emphasis on forming relationships and learning new school expectations and routines, gradually moving into academics over time.

Volunteering at CES

We are excited to be able to have volunteers assist at CES this year! Please reach out to your student’s teacher or to our volunteer coordinator, Heather Drouin at to get involved.

If you wish to volunteer in any way in our schools (such as in the classroom, on field trips, etc.), you must be fingerprinted once and then complete a new volunteer affidavit each year. Fingerprinting and volunteer affidavits will be offered at Open House in the conference room beginning at 5:00 PM. Your photo ID is required for fingerprinting. We look forward to having you join us!


CES has an active Parent-Teacher Organization with a very committed group of parents. The 2021-2022 board members are:

Alexis Ellis: Interim Chair

Meghan Glines: Treasurer

Erin Meeh: Interim Secretary

Heather Drouin: Volunteer Coordinator

The team will be meeting on the first Thursday of each month. Please consider joining them! They need your support to continue hosting the many wonderful events that occur each year, and it's a great way to meet other families.

Important Dates

August 31-September 2: Teacher Workshop Days

September 2: PTO Meeting at Canterbury Woods Country Club

September 2: Kindergarten and First Grade Open Houses

September 6: Labor Day

September 7: First Day of School

September 22: Open House, Hot Dog Supper, and Book Fair

Save the Dates for our Open House Events

Kindergarten and First Grade:

Kindergarten and first grade families are welcome to stop by anytime between 1 and 3 PM on September 2 to see the classroom and meet the teachers. We will also have a school bus on site for the children to explore and ride. Masking on the bus is required.

All Grades:

There will be an Open House for all grades on the evening of September 22. Open House is an opportunity for your student to show you around the classroom and introduce you to their teacher. Individual discussions about your child are not appropriate at this time, but will occur in early November at parent-teacher conferences. We hope to hold the annual hot dog supper and book fair on this evening as well. More details to come!

SAU 80 School Opening Plan 2021-2022

Please click here to view the 21-22 School Opening Plan