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What's Weathering?

  • Weathering is the process of when small rocks are broken down into grains of soil.It is a part of how Earth changes.

What's erosion?

Erosion is the process of when something is being eroded by the natural elements wind,water,and ice.

What's deposition?

Deposition is when small pieces of sediments are added to a landform or piece of land.

What's a Canyon?

What is it?

A canyon is a gorge that we can find on Earth.

How was it formed?

  • It was formed by moving water and sand.When water gets in the cracks of the canyons,the water freezes and forces the walls of the canyon to expand.

What's a hoodoo?

What is a hoodoo?

  • It is a column of weathered rock.

How was it formed?

  • In the winter,the snow hardens in the cracks.As it does that,the cracks expand.

What's a delta?

What is a delta?

  • A delta is a group of small streams that form a large body of water.

How is a delta formed?

  • The delta forms by grouping up small bodies of water.It uses deposition in this process.

What's a SAND DUNE?

What's a sand dune?

  • A sand dune is a mount of sand that stays behind the part of the beach that the tides go over.

How are sand dunes formed?

  • Sand dunes are sculpted by wind.

What's a v-shaped valley?

What are V-Shaped Valleys?

  • A V-Shaped Valley is simply a valley that is V-Shaped.

How are V-Shaped Valleys formed?

  • The valley erodes into a v-shaped landform.

What's a U shaped Valley?

What is a U-Shaped Valley?

  • A U-Shaped Valley is a valley with characteristics of a "U".

How is it formed?

  • U-shape valleys are formed by ice.The ice carves the valley,creating what it is now

what's a desert arch?

What is a desert arch?

  • A desert arch is an arch that does not get a lot of water.

How are they formed?

  • A desert arch is formed by wind that carries sand that creates the arch.

What's a sea arch?

What is a sea arch?

  • A sea arch is an natural arch made of stone .

How was it formed?

  • The sea crashing against a big rock which allows it to shape itself into an arch.