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Giving out samples is key to your success in helping others to understand the value of oils. Getting a drop of oil in their hands (literally) and a chance to breathe it in shows them the power of the oils. If they can have an experience with them before a class, they are more tuned in to what you are sharing.

I highly recommend making samples regularly and keeping them in your purse/bag and car for passing out. I'm surprised how often people tell me at the grocery store or the carpool line how good I smell and "What is it?" I'm glad when I have a business card to give, and equally great - get their number to follow up.

(Here's a fun picture of the samples Kristie sent to out-of-town friends this week!)


A word on inviting: Giving a sample is an easy way to open the door for an invite. You can invite them right when you offer a sample while the discussion is open. Either way, it's simple that way. Invite in the way that works for you, as long as its personal. It can be a personal text, a personal call or a personal email. I find it's important that you say, "I'm having a class and I'd love to have you there." Let them know you aren't just inviting the masses but that you'd love to have them personally there. Follow up with them on the day of and let them know you are really looking forward to seeing them.


"Paleo Mama," Jackie Ritz did a great Periscope today. Here's a few of her tips for opening and closing a class well:

- Become great at teaching the "Intro to Essential Oils" basic class. Don't focus on other classes. They won't have the enrollment numbers that your intros class will.

- Use the Edge Success materials. She uses the Edge Success tearpad "Nature Oils for Your Home." (You use what works for you.)

- To show people that literally anyone can teach a class, she reads right off that tear pad.

- Save your story for the end. Usually you've got passion and emotion attached to it, and that's a great way to close after you've been talking for 45 minutes.

- Don't gloss over "why doTERRA" and the co-impact sourcing. That's powerful. Why should they buy from you and not Sprouts or Walmart that sell oils for $10?

- You can tell your story in a compliant way. If you need help, practice your story with your upline.

- Always have your diffuser going and tell them about the aromatic benefits. Always pass the oils around while you talk about them. The oils sell themselves.

- Jackie points out that she's giving the hostess a free diffuser in the middle of the class when she mentions diffusers. Suddenly others want to host a class. Schedule those.

- When you talk about topical application, pass out Deep Blue Rub. People love it. It's a great add-on LRP item if it doesn't come in their kit.

- Talk about number 1 and number 2 products (on the tear sheet). Number 2 is Slim & Sassy. It addresses so many of the concerns people have - natural product to control hunger cravings. People will be wondering number 1 product: Life Long Vitality vitamins. She says, "You are doing yourself an injustice if you skip this product." She says it's the number 1 way to boost retention rate and keep people buying on LRP. She also talks about Terrazyme - one of the best supplements to take. As you age and gets older, your body needs enzymes to help the digestive system, which is the center of our immune system. Terrazyme replenishes the enzymes we need for a strong gut. You can take them 3x's a day.

- Show them the health pyramid on the tear sheet. Ask which part of the pyramid they are interested in achieving. Have them write it down on the tear pad. It helps you to know their needs and helps them pinpoint it.

- When you talk about kits don't start with the Family Physician kit. You start with the Every Oil kit and say, "If you're ready to make an investment in your family's health then this kit is it. Let them know they get $400 credit to spend and they start at 25 percent off. She says, "you would've bought it if you'd known all you do now. Don't pre-judge what they can and cannot buy." Then go down through each kit from there. Family physician kit is the last kit.

- Go around the room and ask key questions:

"I'm just curious. What did you like best about this class?"

"Which kit interests you the most?"

"Would it be okay if we set up your wholesale account tonight?"

"I'm just curious - do you see yourself teaching classes like this?"

- If you are building a business, to get your builders you need to ask in your class if people can see themselves holding a class like that. And, you need to share the opportunity in the membership overview/wellness consult.

- Use the wellness advocate agreement forms. Show them exactly where they write their name and email address. Walk around the room and help. Sometimes you have to help people know which kit, so ask, "Which kit interests you the most?" Tell them you'll shred their credit card info or black it out.

- You aren't being pushy. You're listening to what they want and helping them do it.

- If someone came and says they have to go talk to their husband, look at their tear pad and see what health goal they had and then give them a sample and tell them you'll call them in two days around the same time and follow up.

- You're planting seeds. Sometimes someone won't be ready, and sometimes it'll take a while for them to get there. Have a farmer mentality - plant seeds. We aren't hunting them down. We are planting seeds.

- She doesn't use the individual price sheet list. She sells the kits. If she sells those well, and usually does, she doesn't usually need it. If someone says, "I really just want this one oil" then she will. She doesn't even mention the $35 enrollment fee. She feels like she's doing them a justice b/c it's the best savings for them.

- Everyone is followed up with, whether they bought a kit or took home a sample after they said they weren't ready.

- Jackie uses the Fast Track planner for tracking follow ups, who to approach, who needs a membership overview (wellness consult), etc.

- Listen to others when they answer your questions. It's not about you. It's about empowering others and helping them.

This is Your Business

These tips are meant to spur inspiration and ideas. You can use and throw what you want. Always remember - this is your business and you can build it how it works best for you.

How to get to Diamond?

Jackie says, "if you will work your butt off for 2-4 years you can become diamond and fufill a home, bring your husband home, help others reach their's totally possible and so worth it to work hard for a few years." Her husband is retired at age 37!