on my way

I was around 6 when my mom and dad were putting my sister Justine and me into  cheerleading. and of coures my dad was also putting my brother Daniel in thats how it all first started.We reallly started off by asking my mom,while i was at the dinner table,after my sister just decided to go in are conversaion.And words started comeing out of her mouth, her theeth where slowly going off her lips and she said YES!!!!

I DID IT!!!!

On my way to cheer practice,and  all i could remeber that day was feeling so nervous. In my chest i could feel my heart beating, hand shaking,all i said to my self is DONT MESS UP!! will we arrived at the park were my cheer practice was,i felt as confitdent like a bird flying in the wind.i got all the cheer moves in a heart brain was exploding out of my head i was so happy.
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Get your game face on, come on you can do it. thats all i said to myself when the girls and i were geting ready for the big game,first game. i was walking back and forth, and back and forth in the restroom. i then saw my sister doin the same thing, which gave me more scared. "but hey i nailed all the moves in the practice"my sister said to me. wow i said it was like a wight was leafted offf my shoulders.  we went out on the sidelines smiles on faces,well some others looked like they were goin trow up. good thing no one did.everone hit the target with there moves until......beeep!!it was the halftime show. ALL CHEERLEADERS TO THE STAND!!, i felt like i was going to sick.during the cheer i was alwats a few seconds behind everone, i was embarresed. i knew the cheer but was off beat. bad first day ever.   

U call UR self AN expert!!

some people may say im not an expert. but think of it my way, if i was the best and made no mistakes then i would not be able to relate to other girls an there first time. and be i can relate to both sides of the story, after all an expert is not being the best. but the most helpfull info you can provide them. lets say there is a girl,and its her first time. you would not beable to relate to her,because after all you think your the really what i am trying to say is that you might not call me an expert but im am the one most will come to.