February Monthly Newsletter

Logan Smith, and Delaney Bogan

Valentines Day Parties

We had a blast! Thank you all the parents who built the parties and kept them going fun.We had crafts,snacks,and Mrs.Lindsey's class got pizza. The boxes we saw were epic I'm talking out of this world epic! We ask parents to please join P.T.A and help with carnivals,parties,after school programs,prize drawing (etc). We hope you out there had the party of your life this past valentines day because we sure did.=) =) =)





over all kindness

feeling good


having peoples backs

spending all your time with them


joy inside you

Candy Grams

Student council sold candy grams for $0.50 a piece. If this ever happens again budget in because the money that they raise goes to a charity or P.T.A and the P.T.A are the people who make all this fun,so next time don't just think of it by waste your money think of it as doing it for kids in need or something like that.I (Logan Smith) actually got a candy gram from my friend and it was the sweetest thing I heard that day, so it was pretty important to me. Start today start make some ones day and make them happy.=)

We got this picture from Happyhome fairy.com➡️

We got one question for you...

No, not What Are Those? We were going to ask did you show love this past February?Because,if you didn't we're guessing you have no friends right now, or you have friends that don't really care about you.You need to show love or no one will want hang out with you.Thats why love is very important in life. (FRIENDLY LOVE THAT IS.)