10 Questions + Answers

10 Questions

1. What did Alan Turing do?

2. What did Tim Burners Lee invent?

3. What does CPU stand for?

4. What does RAM stand for?

5. What is a motherboard?

6. What is Input and Output?

7. What is hardware and software?

8. Name all the four generations in order.

9. What is the latest generation?

10. What does HDD stand for?

Answers to Questions

1. Alan Turing found proof to states that computers can't solve all mathematical problems.

2. Tim Burners Lee invented the World Wide Web.

3. CPU stands for 'central processing unit'

4. RAM stands for 'random access memory.

5. The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer.

6. Output is a device that gives out data (e.g. printer, monitor). Input is a drive where you insert something in (e.g. keyboard, scanner).

7. Hardware is an object that you can touch (e.g. mouse, keyboard). Software is an application you use on a PC or iPad (e.g. word, game apps).

8. The four generations of computers in order is, vacuum tubes, transitions, integrated circuits, and microprocessors.

9. The latest generation is the fifth generation which is artificial intelligence.

10. 'HDD' stands for 'hard disk drive'.