Writing your puppet script

Narration and Dialogue

What is dialogue?

Dialogue is a conversation between actors.

Writing dialogue for your play is kind of like texting with a friend.

Do you know the story of the Three Little Pigs? Here is the dialogue when the wolf asks the pig to let him in.

Big image

What is a narrator?

A narrator is an actor who speaks directly to the audience to tell a story or give information.

Let's look at the narration and dialogue in a scene from 'The Ocean Disaster'.

In this scene, Ollie and Magic meet under the sea.

(Note: this scene appears at 1:25)

'The Ocean Disaster'. Shadow puppet play, High Tech Elementary North County. 5th grade. 11/20/14.

Let's practice writing down the narration and dialogue.

Please take out your Puppet Show Planner #3

Here is my example of a completed dialogue planner.

Your group will need to complete at least three planners to create a script

  • Beginning of the play
  • Middle of the play
  • End of the play

You may need to create more planners for the middle of your play.

Clean up:

  • Staple all planners together
  • Place planners in file box
  • Place envelopes in file box.