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Welcome to the William Wells Brown Monthly Newsletter!

Mission: We, The Promise Academy at William Wells Brown, are a caring, committed

community with high expectations, accountability, growth mindset and

positivity empowering confident learners and leaders of tomorrow in

an evolving global society.

Vision: We, as leaders of today, will achieve excellence and uplift the community

through “OUR PROMISE” to build resilient scholars and create leaders of


“Be the Change…Change the World!"

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Volume 1 Issue 4

Mrs. H's Corner!

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A big shout out to our families, friends and day cares for ALL you are doing to help make our students successful during Distance Learning! We could not do it without you!

A reminder that our schedule has changed! Students are Live online Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students follow their independent schedule on Wednesday. All students still need to get on Imagine Learning Reading/Literacy, math. Our instructional support staff will be following up with students to make sure these things are being completed.

November 4--NO SCHOOL--Election Day

November 4--Family Student Conferences

November 17@ 4:30pm--The Colt Shuffle and Line Dancing Bash!

November 18 @ 4:30pm--F.A.C.E. Team/Advisory Council/Title 1 Meeting (Zoom)

School Board Decisions: Return to School

Fayette County Public Schools will look toward a return to in-person learning after Winter Break. Schools will continue Targeted Instruction groups through December.

We will pick up a new group of students starting November 9. If you child qualifies, based on school assessments, you will be contacted by Tuesday, November 3.

Targeted Instruction Groups!

Targeted Instruction Groups have been going extremely well! With the School Board decision to not start Hybrid Instruction until after Winter Break, we will continue Targeted Instruction groups through December! We are in the process of contacting families to bring in our 2nd group of students beginning November 9. Targeted Instruction Groups are decided based on assessment data. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hutchinson or Mr. Butler.

Meet our Staff!

Each month, we will feature some of our staff members so you can get to know us!

Greetings From the Clinic!

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Hello from the WWB School Based Clinic!

It’s that time of year again….flu season! We encourage you and your family to get a flu vaccine. There are many reasons to get a flu vaccine. Flu vaccination can reduce your risk of flu illness, doctors’ visits, and missed work and school due to flu. Even if you are vaccinated and still get sick, flu vaccine can reduce the severity of your illness. Our School Clinic has flu vaccines available for children up to 18 years old. Give us a call at (859)381-3172 if you would like your child to get a flu vaccine or have any questions. Here are some additional helpful tips to share with your family on how to prevent the flu and other contagious illnesses:

-Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

-Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue or with your arm

-Try to stay away from others that are sick

-Stay home from work/school if you are sick until you feel better

-Encourage healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, eat healthy foods and getting exercise

Meet the staff:

Clinic Clerk: Kathy Brooks

Nurse Practitioner & APRN Lead: Lauren Bauer, APRN

Nurse Coordinator: Emily Moore, RN, BSN

Behavioral Health Therapist: Nahtahna Hering, LCSW

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Nahtahna Hering, LCSW

Greetings from your friendly clinic therapist, Nahtanha Hering, LCSW. I wanted to take the chance to reach out to all of you now that we have gotten a few weeks of virtual learning behind us. I know from working with some of my patients that many families and students are experiencing issues or stress from doing virtual learning, such as keeping kids focused and on task during the class sessions, getting the work completed, and dealing with emotional/behavioral issues in the home. If anyone has concerns about a specific child or family feel free to refer them to me. I would be happy to reach out to the family and discuss starting services. I am able to assist students with issues such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, and anger. I can also work with parents on developing good behavioral modification strategies to use in the home. Please reach out to the clinic if you have any questions or need to contact me. Thanks.

Virtual Meeting Norms!

Please review the Virtual Learning Norms with your scholar. We want every scholar to be successful during Distance Learning! A reminder that all students should be in dress code daily! Each day, we want every student to be ready for learning!

If your scholar is having trouble with any of the norms below, please contact your scholar's teacher to make them aware!

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Colt Family Meeting

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays we will hold our school-wide Colt Family Meeting from 8:00-8:15. Log into the Zoom link and join us for our family time together!

Attendance Spotlight: October 5

10 5 Colt Family Meeting Attendance Spotlight

Leadership Spotlight: October 14

10 14 2020 Colt Family Meeting Leadership Spotlight

Staff Book Character Day: October 30

10 30 2020 Colt Family Meeting

"I Promise!"

It's a Challenge!

Congratulations to 3rd, 1st and 2nd Grades!! We will continue to learn "I Promise" each day!
I PROMISE by LeBron James & Nina Mata | Book Trailer
I PROMISE | Storytime with LeBron and Nina

Safe at School!

Watch the video below to show how we are keeping students and staff 'Safe at School'!
WWB Safe At School


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If you are interested in helping The Promise Academy at WWB be the BEST school in Lexington, join the PTA! Click on the link below to submit your information!