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Tips to take care of Septic tank and Septic System

Follow these 6 Tips to take care of Septic tank and Septic System

The septic system is used to manage the wastewater contaminants released from your home. If these contaminants are handled properly by the septic tank system, the entire wastewater management of your house will fail and lead to backups in your home.

That’s why it’s crucial to schedule maintenance service or septic pumping Roseville regularly to keep it working properly and effectively. Apart from this, what you do and how you treat the plumbing system of your home will influence the health of your septic tank system.

Thus, if you want to keep your septic tank functioning well and keep it from backing up, here are some tips that you can use and apply by yourself.

1. Don’t throw scraps down the toilet

Are you disposing of things without being mindful of how they are going to damage your plumbing system? Throwing just anything will damage your septic tank. Except for the toilet paper, nothing should go down the toilet drain. Also, don’t use harsh chemical and drain cleaners to clean your toilet drains, it is also bad for the health of the septic tank system.

2. Inspect your tank and have it pumped regularly

Professional plumbers suggest that septic tanks must be inspected once a year or at least every 3 to 5 years. Don’t wait until problems become larger enough to get resolved. Not keeping up with a regular septic pumping schedule is the most common reason behind a clogged septic tank.

3. Don’t let harsh chemicals down the Drain

Chemicals shouldn’t go down your drains. While they necessarily don’t cause clogging issues, they will damage the tank’s bacterial balance. The chemicals will kill the good bacterial that break down the sludge or solid waste in the tank. As such, your septic tank will get clogged up and will fail to do its function properly.

4. Use hydro-jetting every five years for your septic line

To repair the failing septic field, hydro jetting Sacramento is the best method for clearing buildup in an affordable and effective way. No matter if your septic tank has been pumped out regularly, the system will always have some solids and mineral deposits sticking to its inside surfaces. Therefore, to get rid of this mineral buildup, and debris that might affect the efficiency of your septic tank. Hydro jetting is the most effective solution to provide effective removal of the buildup such as grease, silt, sand, paper, hair.

5. Inspect your drain field regularly and repair it if you find any problem

the drain field of the septic tank takes the wastewater from the tank and send it to the soil where it is naturally filtered. If this drain field has tree root intrusion, it can cause the leaching capability to become destroyed, leading to improper disposal of wastewater. So, make sure the drain field is free from any tree roots.

6. Leaky faucets will impact your septic tank

Leaky taps and running toilets waste so much water. This will also impact your septic system and cause damage to the septic tank.

If you want your septic system to work efficiently and extend its lifespan, you need to make sure regular septic tank maintenance services, timely repairs, and hydro jetting Roseville service, essential inspections are being done.