You've Been Drafted!

1969 Draft Lottery for the Vietnam war

History of the selective Service

*The first military Draft was in 1940, when President Roosevelt signed The Selective Training and Services Act

*It was reinstated by President Carter in 1980

Civilian Requirements for the selective Service

* Age requirement is 18-25

*Men who fail to register before the age of 26 would be ineligible for federal financial aid, citizenship, federal job training and federal federal jobs

*woman are not required to register

*Once drafted men would have to meet the physical, mental, and administrative standards of the military services

History of the 1969 Draft Lottery for Vietnam

* on december 1 1969 the selective service system held the first draft lottery since 1942

* 366 plastic capsules with dates were mixed in a glass jar

* if your birthday was called you had been drafted