German & Italian Immigrants

Their history for your knowledge !

Starting with the Italians

  • Between 1876 and 1930 5 million italians had immigrated to America.
  • They were the largest nationality of "new immigrants".
  • Italians started immigrating because of three reason poverty, lack of modern technology, and political hardships.
  • . When they got to america most of them got jobs being scabs or sub ins for american protest workers.
  • Railroad superintendents "ranked Southern Italians last because of their small stature and lack of strength".

Comparing the two in history

The Italians worked just as hard as the Germans but because they were a new race to the Americans they were treated differently than the Germans. Americans accepted the Germans more because they fit into the customs better and they were just like some of the Americans.The Italians were the odd one's out and the Americans didn't like them as much. Either way both groups made themselves at home in America making money and doing the jobs that were provided to them.

Now on to the Germans

  • About seven million Germans have immigrated to north america since the eighteenth century.
  • Most Germans came to america seeking economic opportunities or religious or political freedom.
  • The German economy was suffering so like the Italians they sought for money and better jobs.
  • Americans accepted the Germans The Germans were accepted because they were skilled and worked hard.